The Synergy between Automatic Weapons and Dodgy MLM’s

Me on the weekend fighting Amway :)

Me on the weekend the evil MLM’s on the weekend! (I wish – Awesome Fun here!)

As you can probably tell – this well know particular MLM has scammed me for the last time.  Whenever I hit the City Speed Networking Events (which I really like BTW), there is always some evil person peddling their dodgy pyramid schemes.

I am attacking the dozens of people I met who break the law everyday when it comes to the Trade Practices Act.  That is – they go to events and use their “Charm” to lure people to Coffee Chats for other reasons.

Then, while they have you – they start scamming you with a pre-planned questionnaire designed to get to your wallet.But there is some good news! Besides me strongly suspecting that Automatic Weaponry and dodgy MLM’s mix well (Boy I would love to see that!) – many of these scum-bags don’t even make the event.

That is, they come in – try and screw everyone and very quickly they start getting ignored.    And you hear people bantering, “Watch out for him / her – she is trying to scam us with this X scheme”.

So let’s get together and shoot some evil MLM people tonight who have no respect for good honest business people, trying to make a living the “Right” way.

The Fat Life Coach giving me Health Tips

You are Fat and U Suck.  Now pay me money (some people actually sell with this mindset - I am not kidding!).

You are Fat and U Suck. Now pay me money (some people actually sell with this mindset – I am not kidding!).

I don’t know what to say.  Seriously I don’t.  I have had it happen about 3 times over the past 2 – 3 months.  Overweight Life Coaches telling me how to lose weight and such.

I usually have something to say, but in these moments I am speechless.  Do I insult them? Do I state the obvious hypricosy? Do I stare at the wall? AWKWARD!

I don’t think I am Hugh Jackman and I need to lose a good 5kg – but I am pretty good, but many Life Coaches around are in bad shape.  Then, people wonder why that industry has a bad reputation.  I do know a few great Life Coaches around town, e.g. Sue Mitchell, Lorna Hollinger, Lisa Penson etc – but I can tell  you they are rare.

With these Fat Life Coaches, there are two likely possibilities:

– They are incredibly stupid and assume no one can pick the hypocrisy.

– They are just lying to rip you off.

This also implies that they don’t believe in the basic pillar of leadership, i.e. “Leading By Example”.  You can also conclude that they don’t believe in Credible Selling either.

Am I saying that every Life Coach has to be 45kg and starving? Of course not! Nothing wrong with being overweight – but if you are claiming to be a “Health Expert”, you better have the results yourself.

So regardless of what you do, only sell what you have credibility in and also – if someone can’t follow their own advice, don’t hire them!

In fact, if you see me doing the same thing at any point – punch me in the face and bring me back to reality.

Dodgy Organizations: Ripping you off by Holding Stuff Back!

Evil People Love it!

Evil People Love it!

One thing our Legal System is big on is clearly defining lying.  When one gives evidence, they have to “Tell the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth”.  That is – if one selectively tell’s part of a story with intent to twist it’s meaning – that is actually considered being deceptive.

An obvious example – I say such and such hit me and I want to charge them for Assault.  If I hold back of the fact that I stole his wifes handbag and pulled a knife on them – it obviously changes the whole meaning.

In more subtle, but still insidious example – I have done some training over the years with organizations that do exactly this.  That is – when they structure their training, they are quite clearly with-holding WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW with the whole purpose of trying to sell you more courses.

Don’t get me wrong – I am all for up-selling and such, but when the dodgy suckers start with-holding what you need to know, this is borderline theft.

Years ago (in a very different life) – I actually hired this “Coach” to help me out.  They would charge big dollars per session and kick me out right on 60 Minutes.  And it took me a few years to realize what they did – but they would never tell me what I needed to know.

Just enough to get me by, but always not enough to scam me back.  Years later I went into business for myself and yes – found this person still kicking around with no money and doing poorly.  Why? Everyone knows they are a shark!

So here is the thing – unless you have no choice (i.e. they are say a Airline or a  Teleco) – if someone is holding stuff back and not doing what they should – get rid of them! Dodgy sharks only get by – from people buying their services.

Although I know *almost everyone* reading this blog is honest and doing a great job, if you ARE NOT I invite you to change your thinking right now.  Most people I know who are dodgy never make it – and for the ones that do, please note:

– If you don’t change right now after reading this, you are an evil morally corrupt cockroach who isn’t advancing the human race.

As for you cool honest people – keep it up! Love your work.

Can Negative Thinkers be Killed by Silver & Wooden Stakes?

Sunlight Helps as well.

Sunlight Helps as well.

Besides Edward Cullen from Twilight, Wesley Snipes from the good old Blade Series – or even a feminine (who loves Katie Holmes) Tom Cruise from Interview with a Vampire – we usually consider Vampires in the Negative.  This is obviously completely fair in the respect that Vampires are predators to humans.

These mythical creatures come along and can not only kill you by simple feeding on your blood, if you contract “Polymorphic Haemophilia” you will no doubt wake up with White Skin, no appetite for Weet-Bix and no doubt an urge to feed on the first passer by.

In an emotional sense, “Negative Thinkers” and people who run around trying to dominate others and “Kill Peoples Dreams” are no different.  Their mere presence makes our skin crawl, when we are in their presence they attack everything that is dear to us – and they generally either want to eliminate us or make us “One of them”.

If you know me well – you know I had a traumatic experience last week that knocked me off my chair for a day or two.  Within the limits of protecting privacy in a public article, a person who I have supported non-stop for years, supported in many ways beyond business – besides always putting me down and stuff, finally stuck their “Teeth” into me to either incapacitate or eliminate me emotionally.

The strange thing about this all is – that when we go through life, we may often have “Vampires” in our midst, but until they reveal themselves or try something that is really beyond the joke – we don’t know who they are.

Now I have identified the “Vampire”, it has been good in that I know to limit my exposure to them and also take them more with a grain of salt than the seriousness I would attribute to them.  In fact, this change in my view of this person made me think things such as:

– How do they treat other people they work with?

– Besides my own opinion of them, what is their honest track record?

– What is their real ethical foundation?

– Do they simply care about people for more than “What they are going to get?”

– And so on.

When I reflect more on this situation, it makes me really understand people like this – in that sometimes no matter what we give – they just like to drink our blood and try and convert us to serve their cause.

You may have people like this in your own life, “Toxic People” or “Vampires” who are almost radioactive – i.e. the more time you spend in their presence to more unhealthier or infected you become.

I would encourage anyone to be really careful about the Negative People they are hanging out with – if you do identify someone make sure you protect yourself from them.

Besides Silver Bullets, Sunlight, a Stake Through the Heart (which apparently works great for Buffy and other Vampire Hunters) the best approach is minimizing your exposure to these people. If you can reasonably avoid them for good even better!

Vampires are dangerous – and remember to keep them in check!

For you “Positive Thinkers” that are offended by this article – go and play a Guitar in the Park or something!

Positive Thinking Cults & Your Hip Pocket / Purse

Only the Pure of Heart (And Full of Money) can join our Elite Group!

Only the Pure of Heart (And Full of Money) can join our Elite Group!

There are a good stack of Cults, Fanatics and of course – good old Rip Off Merchants out there that totally love and get “Good Mileage” out of Positive Thinking.

Without naming any organizations in particular (in knowing how litigious these organizations can be), throughout my life I have been caught up in a organizations that are actually “Cults”. However, as they know they are “Cults” they really work hard in their marketing and the pitches used by their “Cultists” to make out that:

– We aren’t a cult any more than your local Footy Team or Corporate Workplace.
– We had some bad history, but that was years ago – we have changed (yes, sure you have).
– We are a “Success Cult” – therefore better than society.
– Society is “Bad” & “Evil” and because you are with us, you are “Better” than everyone else.

And of course, if people aren’t willing to join the “Cult”, they are either:

– Not Very intelligent.
– “Losers” (I have heard this used recently).
– Aren’t serious about their lives.
– Just need more convincing.

This is extremely scary! Not just MLM’s but also other organizations use this “Cultist” mentality to really brainwash their followers.

This is where you have to be very careful in Life & Business – you are walking along, minding your own business then someone approaches with a “Great Business Idea” or a “Radical Way of Improving your Life”.  I bet this has already happenned to you, but if it hasn’t my god watch out! Chances are they are trying to enlist you in their own cult!

In my early 20’s (very briefly) I got sucked into a very dangerous “Positive Thinking” type of cult that was all supposedly to improve peoples lives. It costed a lot of money and the cults where these “Brain Washing” sessions where people where forced (often against their will) to break-through problems in their lives. In fact, where it got very dangerous was that everyone had to “Bring Guests” along – because you “Love them” and care for them. They even framed it as “The people who bring more people, are more generous and caring people!”

I got out of this cult pretty quickly, but what was scary (in finding out afterwards) was that this organization has had a bad history of really hurting people and causing them to screw up their lives. Of course, they take “No Responsibility” for this, get you to sign away your rights – and even go as far to say that people who get a Negative Outcome from what they are doing – are actually “Not Doing it Correctly”.

Be it you got your own business or starting out – I really encourage you to be careful in this day and age! There are lots of desperate people out there (even with good intentions) that are sucked into these things and may try the stuff on you.

Watch yourself – it’s a Jungle out there! A Jungle full of “Positive Thinking Cults!”

Sex & Sizzle is better than Truth & Substance Right?

There is no substitute for Sex & Sizzle – Yeh, Right. Liar!

I am still thinking about my experience about being shafted by the “Bad-Natured” Multi-Level Marketers the other month.  I know what your thinking, “Ed Just Get Over It”, “Ed build a Bridge and Move on”, “Ed find yourself a hobby or something”.

I can promise you that I am over it – it’s just that it was such an interesting event in terms of the unethical practices and manipulation in the event itself, but also it got me thinking onto the broader thing that I noticed in being a Marketing Manager for a long time now:

– Sex & Sizzle has been used in advertising for no doubt hundreds (probably even thousands of years).

– In fact, Sex & Sizzle can even help sell product when there is little Truth & Substance?

Sex, Sizzle & Hype have obviously been used in Modern Times with extreme levels of intensity and it obviously works.  However, when it’s used to “Replace” substance you can have a big problem.  People aren’t stupid these days.  After years of companies ripping off people, people being sucked into not only dodgy MLM (“Multi-Level Marketing”) schemes but also buying rubbish products (that were really hyped up) – you can’t get away with this type of thing long-term.

One thing I am finding though, is that a lot of companies out there assume that:

– Our Customers are stupid, the Market is Stupid so tell them whatever to just get the sales.

After really reflecting on not just my MLM experience last month of being “Shafted” by some really mean & unethical people, it led me to think that those people probably have the above view of society and the market.

That is, if you “Assume” everyone is stupid, it will lead you to approaching the market very unintelligently.  This kind of unethical rubbish may have worked well in the 80’s, may work well in the short-term – however in many cases this kind of approach just doesn’t last in the long term.

So if you try and nail me on direct question is “Truth & Substance” between the “Sex & Sizzle” – I would answer YES.  However, there is no reason you can have both?

Many people think that there is a “Sea-Saw” balance between Sex & Sizzle Vs Truth & Substance.  This is certainly not the case – in fact, some of the most successful people I know, be it Shop Owners right through to other Business Coaches – they often do both very well.

Such as those dodgy MLM people who unfairly tricked me last month, “Shonks” and people who rip people off – your days are numbered! You may suck some people in, but I have had the unique pleasure of watching these “Sharks” eventually getting what they deserve.

Truth & Substance is #1 – but of course, back it up with some great “Sex, Sizzle or Hype” – nothing wrong with that!  “Positive Thinking” is great, with “Positive & True Substance!”.

Have a great day and I wish I learnt this 20 years ago!