One thing I have really learnt lately is that “being normal” doesn’t always produce the best results.  A lot of my successful friends I would not say are “Normal” by any stretch.  In fact, some of them are completely nuts – but it’s their “Nuttiness” that seems to aid their success.

As a few examples, I know several top Currency Traders and also a few property investors that have been down this track:

– They start a business with warped expectations.

– The find out how difficult it is.

– They fail a lot.

– In fact, they screw up heaps.

This is where I noticed that “You have to be nuts” kicks in. Most normal people, would accept common sense and reasoning and:

– Give it up and move on.

– Because it just doesn’t work.

The completely nutty people would ignore common wisdom and stick at it far longer than “Normal People” would.  As a result, they really learn from their mistakes, master it and go forward (as I noticed some of my successful friends had). Ironically (at least I did), many people go through times of their lives desperate to fit in.

But then, you strangely get people who don’t who really nail it and rubbish this approach. Although I am a strict Vegetarian, have a big thing against Cage Farming practices (and hate their Coleslaw even more) – I am a big fan of Colonel Sanders. In fact, I have heard that story many times of how he failed hundreds of times to get Kentucky Fried Chicken going.  Any normal person would have given up, but this fruitcake just kept at it!

I say thumbs up to being a fruitcake!


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