Charity is a very interesting topic.  Since our beloved GFC – there have been a wide range of reports of people giving less to various Australian Charities.

I can’t say I blame them! If you were unlucky and got retrenched or had your contracts cut short during this time (as I did) and if you are struggling to pay your bills, the last thing on your mind is helping the poor.  Still it’s very important and I always try to give what I can (but honestly not as much as I would like to give).

I came across wealthy individual that honestly had done quite well for themselves.

Even though they have really nailed their finances, they unfortunately fit the stereo-typical “Capitalist / Industrialist” with the 80’s greed mentality in that:

– They openly are focused on their own situation.

– People around them are a means to getting what they want.

– They pay little attention to how they get money, as long as they get it.

– They are a complete glutton when it comes to luxuries, food and alcohol.

– They know everything (because they have money).

I know many much richer people than this person, that fortunately aren’t like this.  In fact I am glad that not too many rich people are like them – we’d all be working in slave labour camps! The big thing that really baked my noodle was this perspective they have towards charity:

– “If you went broke, would they give money to you? So why on earth are you giving money to them?”

Wow – this view I thought was very dangerous.  This person is extremely selfish with their money and have really taken it to the extreme. Now, before you think I am trying to ride the “High Horse” or “Play Expert” or something please understand I am not suggesting an extreme.  At the end of the day, you don’t want to give away everything you have to punish your own family or become “The Poor” you are trying to protect – and at the same time, you don’t want to spit at and abuse homeless people in the street.

The danger of this position, I thought was scary in that – it gives rise to a growing poor. What scared me is that an individual with this strong type of belief could easily build on this to think:

– Why should I give to people who don’t help me?

– Because people don’t help me, it means they don’t care about me.

– The poor are stupid anyway – all they do is “Take, Take & Take”.

– They should go and get a job or something.

– If the poor are stupid and all they do is “Take”, then I don’t care about them.

– As the poor are “Wrong”, there is no problem for me to use them.

These “Poor People” don’t know what’s good for them. Thank god I do! And so on.  History is paved with examples of this type of thinking used to exploit various classes of people.  Be it not just economic, variants of this can be used to exploit races, lands and resources.  Key examples of poorer people being exploited include:

– French Revolution.

– American Revolution.

– Cuban Revolution (ironically to the “Saviour” Fidel Castro).

– Russian Communist Revolution.

– China Communist Revolution.

– Vietnam Communist Revolution.

I am sure if I jumped on Wikipedia now, it wouldn’t take me long to find more and more examples! As you read this article, please don’t think I am a hippie under the tree or something! I vote Liberal and consider myself a strong capitalist.  I believe in economic growth and free enterprise with a strong welfare system that helps to protect those that are less fortunate that others may be.

But, I find this person very scary! These “Exploitative” views are really what leads to trouble in our world. Be it a country screwing a race, or an individual exploiting another individual – you can’t do it forever!  In terms of a more closer to home example (in particular corporations), you can see this type of thinking come out in the worst of individuals.  That is, people who really don’t care about others and are there to “Command and Conquer”.  Other people are simply another “Asset” to their own cause. My suggestion to anyone out there is watch out for these type of people.  They tend to be good at “One Thing” which generally isn’t your own prosperity or success!


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