Love to lock up this evil Moron!

Love to lock up this evil Moron!

I had a funny, yet annoying phone conversation with some mean idiot the other day.  I have known this fellow for a while and in the last 6 months – I think he has gone through about 4 Dodgy Multi-Level Marketing Schemes.

Now, I don’t hate all MLM’s (some are quite good) – but I have a problem with the evil & unethical high pressure / misleading sales tactics used.

I was busy working away seeing clients and I got a call from this fellow.  He started to ask me quite a few private questions about my business (i.e which put me on edge) and then said:

– Do I have just 1 hour to see a presentation on Saturday?

I was like – no thank you, I am too busy.  I kept giving hints and this guy just couldn’t stop trying to push me to an event.  I started getting angry and was that close to screaming at him and then he got the message.

He then had the audacity to try and make out I was “Close Minded” because I didn’t want to go.

What was sad about this is that his “Bully / Shonk” approach would have worked on some people.  Then because bullying worked, it would justify and drive his own behaviour.

I really hate this guy and everything he stands for and I hope he calls me again! At the very least, I can tell every one around town to watch out for him.

So if you are caught up in those Pyramid Schemes, please be careful – make sure you don’t use their dirty trick on your friends and family!

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