Perhaps you need to be more positive aye?

Perhaps you need to be more positive aye?

This has been my experience over the last 2 years or so.  I am not a Positive Thinker by any stretch of the imagination (in fact, I accept I can be too Negative at times) and I have usually been criticized by them.

I have heard these lovely “Positive Thinkers” say to me that:

– I won’t be successful with my mindset.

– They are going to make millions in two years.

– Victory will come from Positive Thinking.

I am thinking of about 15 people when I write this and many of them started businesses and entered into these “New Ventures”.

Where do you think they are now? Well you probably have figured this out, they are back working as an employee or still losing tons of money not dealing with mother reality.

In going through the process of starting up my own business, I think I have gone to hell and back quite a few times now.  The best model I had it explained to me is that it’s the “Dark Tunnel” which we must cross.   The more times we cross it, the tougher, smarter and more valuable to the market we become.

Many of these “Positive Thinkers” don’t accept this reality.  I have had them all tell me that I should just “Visualize” and it’s all going to happen.

The problem of this thinking is that it ignores the inevitable.  No matter how good or lucky you are, you are going to have some bad days in your life and business.  These unprepared people get their worlds shattered and in my experience are the first to give up.

It’s better to accept bad stuff is coming, so you are prepared to deal with it and win!

So you Positive Thinkers out there! I have thrown down the gauntlet, so please tell me why I am wrong and nothing bad ever happens in our world.  Give me some examples too – love to hear your “Thoughts”.

Otherwise for you realists out there have a fantastic day! If you have some rough times stick at it, they always pass!

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