Do I get a piece of Positive Thinking?

Do I get a piece of Positive Thinking?

If you read one of my earlier posts, it was a strange “Awkward” moment for me.

I was out and about promoting my business at Networking Events and I met the “Fat Life Coach” who was telling me how to lose weight.  What spooked me more, is that this person exhibited such extreme conviction and just “Knew Everything”.

Well, I bumped into this person again and I was like “Oh No”.  After a discussion with them, I tried to keep it as “Friendly” as possible and before long they were trying to play “Expert” and telling me why I suck, and unless I sign up with them – I won’t ever be cool.

I started giggling to myself in that I knew I would be writing a post about this – but on a serious note, this lack of credibility makes me really wonder.

This character is a complete “Positive Thinker”.  They are right into “The Secret”, visualization and all that lame type of “Inaction” based thinking.  The results show! They physically aren’t up to scratch with the advice they are giving and their business results don’t show for it either!

Is there anything wrong with being fat? Of course not! But you got to practice what you preach!

Still, I will give this poor Life Coach the benefit of the doubt.  I think in their own way they are really trying to help! But of course, if I am wrong and they try and rip me off – I promise to write you all a nice blog post!


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