To all you Positive Thinkers who use it to justify ripping people off!

To all you Positive Thinkers who use it to justify ripping people off!

Yes, you did read this correctly.  It wasn’t a typo on my part and yes my facts are correct.  Quite a while ago now, we met this really “Nice on the Surface” person.

They came along, we all our best friend and it was the opposite of impressions.  That is, they actually made a fantastic first impression, but on the second to third time the cracks start showing (you know the kind of person I mean right?)

After we got the low downs on this person, they were found to be a meanie / know-it-all.  They even tried to rip off some people in our Networking Groups and loved spamming!

So where was I – this person became YES a Property Investor.  What was totally amazing was that they didn’t own Property and even worse – didn’t even know what a Profit & Loss was when I asked them (this is Bread and Butter if you are a Business Owner / Investor! Like a Graphic Designer NOT knowing the different between a PC or a Mac).

So later on this person started spamming everyone I know saying they are a property investor.  What?

Hold on a second here, you don’t know numbers and you are a property investor all of a sudden and you think it’s ethical taking people’s money when you don’t know how to handle it yourself?

This person I think was quite evil in nature and the Cherry on top was that they LOVED POSITIVE THINKING.

Oh yes, they hated this Blog you a reading, thought I was a Negative Nancy (well that’s true at least) and we pro-positive thinking.  I know this other fantastic property investor by the name of Ralph Rintoule who is a very sharp operator who doesn’t believe in Positive Thinking at all!

There you go – Positive Realism rocks, but all you Positive Thinkers out there trying to rip people off – Shame on you!

Love to hear you stories about this one and feel free to drop Edward – The Crazy Persian a line!

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