You Won this time Dodgy Positive Thinkers! But there are many more rounds to go!

You Won this time Dodgy Positive Thinkers! But there are many more rounds to go!

You are going to have a good laugh at my expense – and why not? A Positive Thinker just did.

Even though I am still regenerating my poor (and probably oversensitive ego), I am starting to find the humour and laugh at myself over what happened.  If you are in a Sales Profession like myself or run your own business – dealing with Rejection is part of every day of your job.

When I first started, Rejection was almost “Soul Destroying” whereas these days, I am entering the “Oh, well – part of the game” type of mindset.  The truly brilliant business people actually feel no pain with rejection which I think is great (and what I am aspiring towards in my own psychology).

Without boring you with the detail, I met this character who became my best friend and was keen on hiring my services.  I was a little suspicious of them (as people who are too friendly always get me asking questions) and donated quite a bit of time to help them get going and assess the services I provide.

They decided to select another Consultant – fair enough, all part of the game.

The bit that ruffled my feathers though and added more proof to my view of “Positive Thinkers” is their blantant disregard and devaulation for the work I did for them.  I do see this person and they didn’t even thank me for it.  They just told me and moved on!

Not very nice and what I find funny about it all – is that they are a “Positive Thinker”.  Yes, they told me how great positive thinking was and you just have to be “Positive” and then they “Positively” shafted me”.

The next level of humor I find on this is another Positive Thinker I know.  They said that everything that bad happens to you, is because you “Attracted it”.

Yes you guessed it boys and girls – because I entertain a negative thought here and there I deserve what is happening to me.  What, so sitting there and visualizing millions of dollars each day, starting at a Tony Robbins Poster while watching the Secret is meant to turn things around?

So here is up yours to two people, 1) The person who shafted me last week – hope you learn your lesson and repent and 2) To Positive Thinkers.

Most of these extreme Positive Thinkers have a consistent trait:

– Doesn’t matter what I do, or whoever I do over – as long as I am Positive all will be great.

Hmmm.  Not very nice isn’t it?  If you are a Positive Thinker reading this blog, I bet you are bashing on the keyboard hard right away! Well, I look forward to your responses Positive Thinkers – Game on! And as for you dodgy person who shafted me and mislead me into proving you a big chunk of my time – I hope you either repent or get what’s coming to you!

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  1. It’s all par for the business course. There are plenty of people who are fired up and gung-ho but yield few results, I’ve met lots of them. What it means for me is I value good friends and business partners even more.

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