I am up for a rematch anytime you Positive Thinkers that shonked me!

I am up for a rematch anytime you Positive Thinkers that shonked me!

The world is an interesting place and I find the older I get the more I reflect about it.  As you can probably tell by now – I have a thing against “Positive Thinkers” and the whole industry of corruption that is based on conning people to part with their hard earned cash to purchase “Positive Thinking Products”.

These positive thinking people prey on quite often I find intelligent people who are having a rough time in their lives and want to achieve more.  The instant quick fix of “Just think positively and visualize” even tempts me at times.

Many organizations that use Positive Thinking to control it’s members (and have a “Cult” like view in the broader community) I find can be quite powerful in screwing people over, but then convincing people they should like it.

The negative experience I had last week really got me thinking.  I placed my trust in a few people (but I was suspicious at the start) and they used and abused me.  So what? People get screwed over all the time, but what I find fascinating is that they can live with themselves.

This is where Positive Thinking can become quite dangerous in that people like the ones that did me over can do very questionable stuff, but then “Positively Justify” it to make themselves out to be okay with.   This is obviously not a new concept, we hear of people doing some pretty dark things out there and then having justifications that to them seem quite reasonable but bizarre to the wider community.

My own view that I have formed over the last few years is that if your “Gut Instinct” alarm goes off (as mine did with these characters) keep that in mind.  It turned out it was greatly correct in this situation.

If someone screws you over, but all means – don’t let it eat you out or knock around your own self-esteem (as it certainly can a bit), but then don’t be naive as well.   Make sure you protect yourself against them and be aware! If you turn your back on them – they will come and get you!

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