After an amazing day working with some amazing Business Women I would like to dedicate this […]
I have had one annoying, but now I am writing this blog “quite humorous” week.  Between […]
OK get ready to have a good laugh at my expense!  The other day I got […]
I had a funny, yet annoying phone conversation with some mean idiot the other day.  I […]
At a Networking Group some time ago, a few of this had this very strange experience […]
Before I pull out the violins and tell my sob story – I just wanted to […]
If you know me, this has been quite a “Corner Stone” / “War Story” of me […]
One of the fantastic people I work with (by the name of Ralph Rintoule – a […]
I remember meeting a few of the Positive Thinking morons out there that think everything “Is […]
I have seen this on blogs for sometime, but I have met someone who was previously […]
Some of these dodgy MLM’s are amazing.  You have to admit that.  Despite the Court Actions […]
As you can probably tell – this well know particular MLM has scammed me for the […]