Not this time buddy! My turn you evil Positive Thinking Nutjobs!

Not this time buddy! My turn you evil Positive Thinking Nutjobs!

I have had one annoying, but now I am writing this blog “quite humorous” week.  Between this “positive thinker” slandering me at a networking event and getting ripped off recently while trying to do the right thing by someone, it really got me reflecting on the past about “positive thinking” and all that great stuff.

Since I have started this blog, I have been in business for about 2.5 years and I am going strong.  I am very lucky and pinch myself every day, but I continually think I have done this by NOT being a positive thinker.  When my life wasn’t working, I used to bury myself in the hype and delusion of positive thinking by entering poor business ventures, giving the last of my little coins to corrupt motivational guys and of course being the world’s door-mat.

Looking back on my life over the last few years and the progression I have made, it’s been on the back of “negative thinking” or if you may “balanced thinking”. That is, I have been looking at things as they are, dealing with problems as they come up, watching out for things coming my way, but trying to be as positive about things as possible.

And it works! It works great too.

The thing I am reflecting on is how I got ripped off recently. I had a few get me actually including this lovely positive thinker! Basically not paying my bills for a great deal of work we had done!

I can also predict how this character would respond, that is – they will sit back and no doubt use “positive thinking” and convince themselves how great they are and that I really deserved it.

The good news with this one, is that I didn’t use any “positive thinking” to counter this one.  In fact, I have been very direct with them, defended myself and won’t be supporting their business interests any further (even if they do choose to pay me, even with a deposit).

It’s been a strange trend, the people I have found who are most obsessed with this superficial form of “lame positive thinking” are the first ones to always try messy and unethical business moves.

So what I have I learned over the past few years of business? Be fair, stand up for yourself, and “don’t be positive”.  Ha ha, I sound like a cynic now and perhaps I am.

But one must be careful, it’s a jungle out there!


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