I heard that Bullies love being hit by bats.

I heard that Bullies love being hit by bats.

At a Networking Group some time ago, a few of this had this very strange experience with this individual.  Firstly, the person came to our Networking Group and appeared to have a great time.

The person appeared to integrate well, was well accepted and I even thought they may want to join us.  We joked around a bit and they were happy.

Then the next day, I got this very strange email from them saying “I made fun of them and they were so upset”.  I made this funny remark to them and they were all upset and offended.  Even though I thought they were not being very reasonable, I then apologized.

I then heard from this person about 1 month later and they were my best friend.

I moved and forgot about it, and then one of my friends at the same time had an almost identical experience with this mean individual.  That is – for no “Common Sense” reason, the person blew up at them, demanding an apology.  Once given, the person backed down.

Strange pattern and I knew it – this person has some type of selfish problem and is just projecting it onto everyone.  I then bumped into this person, said hello and they “Snobbed” me off.

On a funny note, this person probably weights about 50kg and is actually quite a non-intimidating figure, but loves to hit people from a distance with mean emails.  So I thought this one through and picked up on an interesting pattern.

This person is a MEAN bully! They enjoy the power kick they get from pushing people around.  They were quite sophisicated actually, they turn on the “Waterworks” and get all “Upset” and play Victim.

Years ago, I worked in this one role and there was this mean bully who was protected by Management.  They did what they wanted and when they got into trouble, they turned on the “Waterworks” to get off the hook.

So clever strategy! These MEAN people play victim so people back off and then manipulate and bully people.  When they get found out, the “Waterworks” go on.

Well MEAN person.  If you are reading this blog, you know who you are.  I am up for a rematch if you are! So be careful out there! If someone is playing victim too much, I bet they are trying to work you over. I heard that bullies liked to be whacked with sticks.  They really do – so you should try it!


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