Dodgy Con Artists.  Us Positive Thinkers will get you!

Dodgy Con Artists. Us Positive Thinkers will get you!

Some totally Positive Thinking and Fantastic News to present.  In about the past 2 – 3 months, I have seen at least 3 Con Artists get what they deserve.

That is, I am talking about these 3 x Truly Negative people who disguise themselves as “Positive Thinkers” who just want to help everyone out.  But really they suck ass.  Why do they suck? Because they are Untrained Morons who don’t appreciate ethics or hard work.

One person in particular was doing Social Media.  They were totally incompetent and what suprised me was that they were charging THOUSANDS of dollars for what would been hours of work.  We spotted this person quite quickly, but it makes me wonder – how many of them have they sucked in before?

But I have an even better one.  I met this idiot at a Networking Event who was really negative and made many people feel uncomfortable.  They helped someone in the room setup a Domain Name.

Now if you haven’t set up a Domain name before, it costs about $12 (from memory) and can be done within minutes say at Crazy Domains or something like that.  So this pillock set up domains and charged one of my friends $50 each!

Yes, $50 each to setup a domain! They did this in minutes.  What a bastard don’t you think? My poor friend got burnt, but the good news was we told everyone about this shonky person.  They won’t be welcome in our Networking Group again!

So how does this relate to Positive Thinking? Well instead of doing what seems to be the preached “Norm” of just thinking “Positive Thoughts” we are converting that into action and actively removing “Negative People”.

This brings me back to an old lesson that my mother used to teach me as well:

– “Edward, be careful who you hang with!”

So true! We hang with dodgy rats (like this person who charged $50 and ripped of my friend) their habits may rub off on us.  But, if we hang with cool honest people – they will hold us accountable!

So if you are the man who charged my friends $50 for a Domain Name, you can suck my fat one.

Please leave a comment below with your home address and the location of your spare key 🙂

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