The dedication to some top business women! (From Left to Right), Jenny Kuo, Drina Ng and Martha Arifin.

The dedication to some top business women! (From Left to Right), Jenny Kuo, Drina Ng and Martha Arifin.

After an amazing day working with some amazing Business Women I would like to dedicate this article to three Savvy Operators in particular, Jenny Kuo, Drina Ng and Martha Arifin.

One big trend in society which I am a massive fan of these days are the fact that the ruling majority of new businesses are started by women! After working for years in the Corporate Environment and watching women first hand get harassed, overlooked for promotions (even when they were more competent than their “Male” co-workers), are treated as “Objects of Desire” and just not present at the Senior Management levels – it got me thinking about the general nature of many workplaces.  I even knew of one situation where an Assistant was expected to provide various “Services” to retain her position by one evil boss.

And in speaking to many fantastic successful business women, I hear this one all the time:

– Men just got promoted over me regardless of the money I made or how hard I worked.

Being raised by a strong mother who was a Police Inspector looking after the household, watching her almost die from “Terminal Cancer” (she is still around thank god) and seeing the hardships she put up with because “She was a chick” has got me really reflecting on the problems in our modern workplace.

Don’t get me wrong, some workplaces are great and some women do great ahead – but I am referring to the general treatment they get.  What really brings a smile to my dial is that you get women like Jenny, Drina and Martha who rebel – go off and do their own thing and BEAT HEAPS OF MEN they once worked with!

Even if they have rocky starts like I did and go through tough times, the process of becoming and succeeding as a business owner is nothing short of rewarding and liberating – once we are free of the Corrupt and Soul Eating corporate machine for good!

I can completely understand the reasoning why women are going out into their own businesses in droves – quite simply because they believe they can provide better for their families on their own than “Trusting” the corporate machine.

For that reason and the fact that women are cool and relationship focused is all the justification to me why the world needs more of them!

Keep up the fine work Jenny Kuo, Drina Ng and Martha Arifin – fine examples to us all!


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