Luke Goodman speaking to a fine room of business owners! Our dedication!

Luke Goodman speaking to a fine room of business owners! Our dedication!

I have had an amazing day today and can’t believe the satisfaction I get from my life these days. I have spent time at 4Networking Penrith today (an amazing Network for Small Business Owners) and quality consulting time with Luke Goodman (LOL Home Loans) and Jenny Kuo (Sociable Space).

In dedicating this article to the both of these fine start-ups, it got me reflecting on my own success (or perhaps lack of it at the start). Including my own reflection on my own poor start-up and working with people who are going through what I went through, it got me reflecting on this big “Chicken & Egg” issue we all contend with in one way or another:

– I will feel good when I get results!
– BUT because I don’t feel good, I am not motivated to get results!

This is one sick cycle that I got caught up in and there is no easy way around it. Despite all the motivational courses (I spent about $20,000+ on Tony Robbins), training, positive thinking, “Magic Cures” and all those “Spiritual / Hippie” things you can do out there – for us telling the truth in the real world, this process sucks for most!

I think it sucks even more if you are like me let’s say, I come from a Military / Police / Agent family ancestry which is all about “Not Making Mistakes”, following clear rules and getting it perfect every time.

And that I did! High Distinction at University in a fairly challenging course and always did “The Right” thing for my employers (another story – my dedication to my employers almost was the death of me). But here is the thing, when you start your business you have NO money, your partner probably hates you (because you are bringing in no money) and your life is one mistake after another.

So for that reason, we can feel very bad and this feeling to a “Point” can be good and motivating, but we all tend to go too far where it leads to pure destruction! The big thing I have learnt to get through this process (in what I did and what I suggest to my awesome clients):

– Accept that the process is hard.
– Approach things with realism.
– Make sure you have enough money to cover you and your family doesn’t starve.
– Go Hard!
– Weather the Storm!
– Get your First Result.
– Then Feel Good!

This was my own personal process and if you are in that hard feeling start-up phase, I feel for you! Please hang in there and feel free to drop me a line if you want to say hello!  Thank you again Luke & Jenny Рyou are fine avatars to the hundreds of thousands of Start-Ups across the world and the ones to come!

With Gratitude and Love from Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor who spent some time on the bottom!


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