Okay you Scamway Bully.  You Won the first round, so let's go round number 2!

Okay you Scamway Bully. You Won the first round, so let’s go round number 2!

If you are a Sydneysider like me, you have no doubt been bombarded by these people who are some how trying to get into your wallet.  Fighting dodgy Multi-Level Marketeres are a bit like fighting aliens, it almost doesn’t matter how many you stop – they keep landing!

In lots of science fiction films and games, let’s say you are the Hero.  Some aliens are invading Earth (or whatever) and you are the only one that can stop them.  And of course, humanity is out-numbered and unless you get the “Queen” or stop the “Heart” of them – you will eventually lose!

To me, these dodgy MLM’s around Sydney is a bit like the first 30 minutes of a Video Game or a Movie like this.  There are MLM people everywhere, and you seem to be busy fighting them off – and don’t know how to stop them!

I had a very good some time ago.  Some time ago at a Networking Event when I started my business, I wasn’t too confident about myself.  This quite nasty MLM guy who is out and about town trying to rip people off really got stuck into me with some persuasive questioning.  He honestly got me off guard and said hostile things to me like:

– So is your business really passive? What is you stopped working, will you get paid?

– Have you ever created anything? “Dodgy MLM X” is true creation.

– I am successful and you are not.

At that time (when I was a bit vulnerable), although he didn’t get anywhere with me (in fact he got nowhere – I told the Networking Host who kicked him out of the group) it was quite aggressive and hostile questioning that was used against me.

I consider myself a tough savvy guy these days and looking back, what I found almost evil about this was that weaker willed individuals would have been conned into this.  And of course don’t start me about their deceptive behavior, i.e. they drag you to a Coffee Chat about some other reason then hit you up with their pyramid scheme.

Are they evil? Whenever I ask friends who are part of it – they always say “I am Wrong / Stupid” and that I “Don’t get it”.

Well, to the people from dodgy MLM’s who have attacked me, I ask you this:

– Why do you like conning people?

– Why do you hate your fellow-man and enjoy deception?

– If you are so rich and wealthy, why do you need me?

So watch out everyone! I better be careful too, the big scheme I am attacking my send a hit man to get me at 2AM in the morning!

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