This article I wanted to dedicate to the amazing Joel de la Cruz from “Your Relationship […]
If you are a Sydneysider like me, you have no doubt been bombarded by these people […]
To me this is a very profound concept. In not just my own Small Business, but […]
Love or Hate Eric Cartman – he really leads the boys in South Park and has […]
In many people, I have known, including some of my clients, colleagues (and even myself at […]
If I had a Australian Dollar, Euro, or even a few Yen for every time I […]
I am a very competitive person.  In a crazy way, I had this “Like / Dislike” […]
I have a bit of an Inferiority Complex.  Yep – I said it.  In writing, so you have […]
Job Interviews – you got to love them.  The phone calls, endless rejections, keeping the resume […]
I am sick and tired of Bastards in life that say one thing and do another. […]
I have worked with some really brilliant people. I mean really brilliant. People that are either […]
Whenever I have worked in companies going through restructures, that contain vicious politics (or even with a […]