Dodgy MLMs: Turning great people into LOSERS!

Want to come to a Meeting?

Want to come to a Meeting?

Some of these dodgy MLM’s are amazing.  You have to admit that.  Despite the Court Actions and the evils committed – they are still going.  And what brings me incredible sadness is what I have seen them do first hand to some fantastic people.

About 2 great people I know – true, honest characters, with great ethics and a sense of honour to do the right thing – were at a desperate point at their lives.  With the carefully (and almost criminal genius level) constructed sales pitch – they were conned into joining one of these rip-off organizations in Sydney.

I originally told them to leave – they said I was “Wrong” and “Dis-empowering”.   Now, these poor characters have nothing – save to say upset friends and family, a ruined reputation and lost opportunity.  Even worse, their financial set backs hurt their family.

One of my great buddies Lorna Hollinger (who is a pro in NLP) grilled me today and asked “Why am I so uptight about [insert evil company name]?”.

It got me thinking and seeing great people lose out so some fat cats get rich greatly upsets me.  I supposedly am a Christian, so if I am really a Christian I better do some good by protecting those who are being harmed.  To me, deep down – seeing my friends being effectively turned into “Losers” has made me thing – this is wrong and it must be stopped!

One thing that Lorna did get me thinking about and I wanted to make clear is that not everyone is evil in these systems.  Don’t get me wrong, a good chunk of them obviously are by their actions – but some great people have been fooled into what is becoming well known as a dangerous scheme around Sydney.

So please, if you have good friend get caught up with these schemes – by all means, they are responsible for their actions – but try and give them some compassion.  It’s the only way to best show them the light to win them back! As for you evil MLM people – leave my friends alone! You have taken out two of them.  You have enough – stop hurting them!

If you are an evil MLM person, feel free to leave your Home Address and details of where you keep your spare house key. Come on, you know you want too – it will help you become “Financially Free”.

The Synergy between Automatic Weapons and Dodgy MLM’s

Me on the weekend fighting Amway :)

Me on the weekend the evil MLM’s on the weekend! (I wish – Awesome Fun here!)

As you can probably tell – this well know particular MLM has scammed me for the last time.  Whenever I hit the City Speed Networking Events (which I really like BTW), there is always some evil person peddling their dodgy pyramid schemes.

I am attacking the dozens of people I met who break the law everyday when it comes to the Trade Practices Act.  That is – they go to events and use their “Charm” to lure people to Coffee Chats for other reasons.

Then, while they have you – they start scamming you with a pre-planned questionnaire designed to get to your wallet.But there is some good news! Besides me strongly suspecting that Automatic Weaponry and dodgy MLM’s mix well (Boy I would love to see that!) – many of these scum-bags don’t even make the event.

That is, they come in – try and screw everyone and very quickly they start getting ignored.    And you hear people bantering, “Watch out for him / her – she is trying to scam us with this X scheme”.

So let’s get together and shoot some evil MLM people tonight who have no respect for good honest business people, trying to make a living the “Right” way.

Defending Earth against Evil MLM’s and it’s Minions

Okay you Scamway Bully.  You Won the first round, so let's go round number 2!

Okay you Scamway Bully. You Won the first round, so let’s go round number 2!

If you are a Sydneysider like me, you have no doubt been bombarded by these people who are some how trying to get into your wallet.  Fighting dodgy Multi-Level Marketeres are a bit like fighting aliens, it almost doesn’t matter how many you stop – they keep landing!

In lots of science fiction films and games, let’s say you are the Hero.  Some aliens are invading Earth (or whatever) and you are the only one that can stop them.  And of course, humanity is out-numbered and unless you get the “Queen” or stop the “Heart” of them – you will eventually lose!

To me, these dodgy MLM’s around Sydney is a bit like the first 30 minutes of a Video Game or a Movie like this.  There are MLM people everywhere, and you seem to be busy fighting them off – and don’t know how to stop them!

I had a very good some time ago.  Some time ago at a Networking Event when I started my business, I wasn’t too confident about myself.  This quite nasty MLM guy who is out and about town trying to rip people off really got stuck into me with some persuasive questioning.  He honestly got me off guard and said hostile things to me like:

– So is your business really passive? What is you stopped working, will you get paid?

– Have you ever created anything? “Dodgy MLM X” is true creation.

– I am successful and you are not.

At that time (when I was a bit vulnerable), although he didn’t get anywhere with me (in fact he got nowhere – I told the Networking Host who kicked him out of the group) it was quite aggressive and hostile questioning that was used against me.

I consider myself a tough savvy guy these days and looking back, what I found almost evil about this was that weaker willed individuals would have been conned into this.  And of course don’t start me about their deceptive behavior, i.e. they drag you to a Coffee Chat about some other reason then hit you up with their pyramid scheme.

Are they evil? Whenever I ask friends who are part of it – they always say “I am Wrong / Stupid” and that I “Don’t get it”.

Well, to the people from dodgy MLM’s who have attacked me, I ask you this:

– Why do you like conning people?

– Why do you hate your fellow-man and enjoy deception?

– If you are so rich and wealthy, why do you need me?

So watch out everyone! I better be careful too, the big scheme I am attacking my send a hit man to get me at 2AM in the morning!

Positive Thinking Cults & Your Hip Pocket / Purse

Only the Pure of Heart (And Full of Money) can join our Elite Group!

Only the Pure of Heart (And Full of Money) can join our Elite Group!

There are a good stack of Cults, Fanatics and of course – good old Rip Off Merchants out there that totally love and get “Good Mileage” out of Positive Thinking.

Without naming any organizations in particular (in knowing how litigious these organizations can be), throughout my life I have been caught up in a organizations that are actually “Cults”. However, as they know they are “Cults” they really work hard in their marketing and the pitches used by their “Cultists” to make out that:

– We aren’t a cult any more than your local Footy Team or Corporate Workplace.
– We had some bad history, but that was years ago – we have changed (yes, sure you have).
– We are a “Success Cult” – therefore better than society.
– Society is “Bad” & “Evil” and because you are with us, you are “Better” than everyone else.

And of course, if people aren’t willing to join the “Cult”, they are either:

– Not Very intelligent.
– “Losers” (I have heard this used recently).
– Aren’t serious about their lives.
– Just need more convincing.

This is extremely scary! Not just MLM’s but also other organizations use this “Cultist” mentality to really brainwash their followers.

This is where you have to be very careful in Life & Business – you are walking along, minding your own business then someone approaches with a “Great Business Idea” or a “Radical Way of Improving your Life”.  I bet this has already happenned to you, but if it hasn’t my god watch out! Chances are they are trying to enlist you in their own cult!

In my early 20’s (very briefly) I got sucked into a very dangerous “Positive Thinking” type of cult that was all supposedly to improve peoples lives. It costed a lot of money and the cults where these “Brain Washing” sessions where people where forced (often against their will) to break-through problems in their lives. In fact, where it got very dangerous was that everyone had to “Bring Guests” along – because you “Love them” and care for them. They even framed it as “The people who bring more people, are more generous and caring people!”

I got out of this cult pretty quickly, but what was scary (in finding out afterwards) was that this organization has had a bad history of really hurting people and causing them to screw up their lives. Of course, they take “No Responsibility” for this, get you to sign away your rights – and even go as far to say that people who get a Negative Outcome from what they are doing – are actually “Not Doing it Correctly”.

Be it you got your own business or starting out – I really encourage you to be careful in this day and age! There are lots of desperate people out there (even with good intentions) that are sucked into these things and may try the stuff on you.

Watch yourself – it’s a Jungle out there! A Jungle full of “Positive Thinking Cults!”

Time Wasters: Are they Worse than Slimy Pick Pockets?

They are at least at a similar level?

This week, I have had some people really waste lots of my time for their own personal agenda.  Some of these people have been quite rude and selfish and focused simply on their own needs.

Since I have been visiting Networking Sessions and working ahead, I have found them to contain a great mix of people – including some people from Multi-Level-Marketers and rude people just using me for “Free Advice”.

Now don’t get me wrong, please don’t think I am being precious or anything like that – or rude just trying to take people’s money.  I really enjoy meeting new people, sharing what I know and socializing with other like-minded people.

What I am referring to are people who:

– Are rude, aggressive time wasters, that are either after what’s in your wallet or want to pump you for information and aren’t nice about it.

Last week or so, I met this “Very Nice Guy” who then called me on a late Friday asking to meet up in relation to a great “Cash Flow Business Opportunity”.  If you read my last blog, this person wouldn’t say exactly where they are from (although it looks like a very common MLM scheme that I bet you have heard about).

When I replied to this person, I simply asked them to explain what it’s about, so I can decide whether it’s me worth visiting so we don’t waste each others time.  When I did this, check out or emails below:

Ed’s Email to Clarify:

Hi [Disrespectful Time Waster],

Many thanks for that.  I can make 6PM Thursday, however I was thinking things through and I just wanted to find out a bit more about what you are talking about.

I am actually quite flat out with my own business and you mentioned this was another business opportunity? I am a bit wary of going there to waste your time, could you just let me know a bit more of what it is about? It would be great to catch up, however I don’t want you to waste your time in the case I am not a suitable target for what you are after.

Let me know & thanks.

Ed Zia

Disrespectful Time Wasters Reply:

Hey Edward,

Apologies it has taken a while to get back to you. It been pretty busy this week as I am sure your week has been too! I completely understand that you are busy with your business, in fact most of the people I work with either are flatout running their own business or have demanding corporate jobs.

I know that that was one of my concerns when I first saw this. What I found however is that what we are working on is very leveraged in terms of time so that ended up not really an issue for me anymore. All we do is help people create annuity style income, outside of their job or business so they have another income source. You can use that for what you like, some use it to bank role their existing business, some as a plan B income should their industry decline, whatever takes your fancy. Similar to someone who invests in property or shares to create an annuity income however we do it much faster through business. Most people, no matter how busy they are in their job or business usually have time to invest in property or shares. As I mentioned when I was on the phone, we are not looking for people with a lot of time, just looking for people with the right attitude. Its only going to be a quick coffee so we can get to know each other a bit better, we can both ask questions of each other and after that, if suitable I’ll step into some detail about the different partners we have on board and how that fits into the picture.

At the end of that, you can tell me whether you think you have an interest as to whether or not to pursue it any further, either way, it will be time well invested. I can see that there is a Gloria Jeans in the Ashfield Mall which would be easy to get to. Unless you have another suggestion, why don’t we meet there at 6pm for 30 min or so?

[Signed – Someone who has no respect for other people]

What really baked my Korean Noodles about this was that, over the phone I tried to ask, then over email I tried asking and this is the treatment I got.  In fact, I am fairly confident which Multi-Level-Marketing company this person comes from, as over 12 years ago – I got sucked into one of their seminars.

They actually train you to mislead people and not tell you the name of their company – so you can con them into a meeting, give them the fully cloud treatment and take their money!  “Positive Thinking” used by “Positive Thinkers” designed to get into your hip pocket! (and obviously empty it out).

Well, after thinking this through – I think it’s an extremely bad way of disrespecting someone.  There are only so many hours in the day, we have businesses, jobs and families to look after (let alone ourselves) and you get people going around town doing this to other people.

There are some really great people in this world, however there are some real “Slime-Balls” as well that just don’t care about other people at all. In fact, if someone steals 4 hours of your life by dragging you to a seminar unwittingly – you are not getting those 4 hours back.  How is that different to someone stealing $20 from your pocket? I have learnt when one get’s busy, every minute counts – so make sure these “Time Muggers” don’t get you!

I wish I learnt this one 20 years ago!