I would love to whisper profanity into that Whackers Ear!

I would love to whisper profanity into that Whackers Ear!

As if I would be Negative? Come on.  Attacking One certain MLM organization? Critising Fat like Coaches telling me how to lose weight? Exposing Rip off Merchants for who they really are?

This is the irony of me writing all these articles and is the justification of me doing all this work – people who are really negative (who pretend they are positive) are the ones who will attack me.

Some people’s feathers have really been ruffled by my blog and it confirmed my original thinking.  That is, truly positive and ethical people who have nothing to hide have really liked my blog and found it a good laugh.

However (except for a few), most of the criticism has come from people which I know aren’t considered positive at all.  I had a very funny experience with my recent post attacking the “Fat Life Coach” who was giving me dietary advice.  Someone on a LinkedIn forum was saying that I am “Truly Negative” and such.

The person who said they were positive attacked me for being negative.  Doesn’t that mean they are negative? I showed the post of the person trolling me to some friends and they had a snigger.

This has been a powerful lesson for me.  The “Lame Positive Thinkers” out there aren’t positive at all.  They merely use Positive Thinking as a way of hiding their true negativity or worse – use it as a means of bullying / ripping people off.

So keep an eye out for the amusing irony.  The people who accuse you of being negative, are actually the negative ones! 🙂

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