I died once and it hurt.  I can promise you I won’t do that again. 26 […]
I would like to dedicate this article to one intelligent and progressive business woman by the […]
When I was growing up from say my mid-teens to very early 20’s, I remember hanging […]
I don’t know about you, but one of my big fears in business is say losing […]
This blog post I dedicate to the wonderful Jenny Kuo (from Sociable Space). She is this […]
This “Positive Thinking Fad” which really hit it’s peak in the 1990’s (but is still hanging […]
“Positive Thinking” it it’s extreme form encourages one to just focus on the “Positives” in a […]
“Positive Thinkers” lie all the time about tough times. These people are really unethical and are […]
In many people, I have known, including some of my clients, colleagues (and even myself at […]