Unethical and Evil Positive Thinkers Love being hit with Baseball Bats :)

Unethical and Evil Positive Thinkers Love being hit with Baseball Bats!

With my latest attack on extremist Positive Thinkers who enjoy self-gratification over ethics, honour or contribution – I have had an interesting run this week in talking to various groups about a “Certain” Network Marketing Organization that frequently breaches the Trade Practices act (where its members consistently mislead and disguise the purpose of the meeting in order to con people into it’s Pressure Cooking meetings).

By the way, I have nothing against Network Marketing – I am actually a member of several myself (as end users) and they are great.  I am talking about one malicious one in particular which you would know all about.

When I just started my business, some real mean person mislead me into a meeting and then when I was there, the Positive Thinkers played on my insecurities every bit to force me to join their cult.  I have told this story across Sydney and what is very scary, is that I only meet dozens of people who had the same unethical stuff forced on them.

What is worse, is that the organization is still around terrorizing people – and they are all endorses and lovers of “Positive Thinking”.  So let me get this straight, if you do something bad to someone and hurt them – Positive Thinking is obviously a useful tool to make themselves feel better again?

So if you are a victim on an organization like this, make sure you get out of there – and if you find someone doing this type of unethical action, hit them with a base-ball bat for me.  I hear they love that!

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