Negative People love “Street Art” on their Cars!

As you have probably picked up – I have almost made it a hobby of attacking both extremes of “Thinking”.  The strange irony I have found with all of this is that many “Positive People” to the extreme, actually aren’t positive at all!

They are truly negative people who either have an agenda or they are putting on a show trying to convince the world they are really something they are not.  I had a very funny experience at a place where I did some training at.

Although I am an experienced Marketer – I enjoyed some additional studies that I did.  What was very funny is that when I engaged with them, they were a real “Love Hugging” crowd.  You get the type right? All full of group hugs – “Love”, “Abudance” and all that.

Don’t get me wrong – I am all for “Love” and helping “Poverty” and all that.  The thing I found of interest is that what sat on the surface, was far from what it actually was.

Going back to some similar early experiences I had as well – you find some places spend an incredible amount of Marketing Effort to put on this “Happy” front so they can get people all excited so they can charge more.  What was quite interesting, is that as I learnt more about many of these organizations (i.e. when the facade crumbles), you get the real stuff:

The Attitude.

The Never Ending Up Sell.

The Aggression the Minute you don’t do things their way.

Yes you heard me! These happy places actually can turn aggressive on one when you don’t “Do what they want”.  That is – regardless of whether it’s good for you or not, some organizations only are “Happy” when they are making money out of you.

Hmm interesting no? I think there is a real lesson to be learnt here about really how being “Fake & Positive” is used as Marketing Tool – and not an actual Principle.

My big learning from all of this is to by all means be trusting and take reasonable commercial risks – but if someone is “Too Positive” keep an eye out.  In my own experience, truly Positive People are balanced caring individuals.

The “Super Positive” people are usually quite volatile.  It often swings the other way against you when you least suspect!

So if you find some “Negative” people doing “Positive Marketing” – you have my permission to do some “Street” art on the side of their premises.

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  1. You make some good points, “trust” takes time to build, otherwise you are simply “going in blind”
    I get a laugh out of the saying, “A pessimist is really an Optimist in full possession of the facts”

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