The Government, The Greens and many leftist factions right are really taking over Australia and punishing […]
“Positive Thinkers” lie all the time about tough times. These people are really unethical and are […]
“Networking” or building a “Network” as a concept has really been tarnished thanks to many Scams, […]
“Positive Thinkers” have really annoyed me lately. I have been harassed by a bunch of “Positive People” from […]
This week, I have had some people really waste lots of my time for their own […]
“Multi-Level  Marketing”, “Fantastic Money Making Opportunities”, “Income from Home”, “Make some dollars on the side” and […]
Great Guys with Bad Girls, Great Girls with Bad Guys, the Honest Friend and the Lying […]
I don’t know about you, but when I go to Business Networking Meetings, Seminars or even […]
Charity is a very interesting topic.  Since our beloved GFC – there have been a wide […]
Just like myself, you have probably been bombarded by “Get Rich Quick Schemes”. Be it those […]
In one of my earlier roles, I had this fantastic employee that I directly managed. We […]
Coming from a Middle Eastern heritage and growing up in Regional Victoria – I was picked […]