To my own fame and infamy, I have been known to ‘take over places’ when it […]
“It’s better with friends” is one experience I heard about travelling a very long time ago. […]
As time passes for me in business, the more I experience and feel the reality of […]
If you have spend any time with me in ‘the real world’ or even read my […]
Ahh Internet Trolls! The used to really annoy me and today I totally love them. From […]
Zoolander 2 was a great film! Definitely four stars and even though I am not usually […]
Be as PC as you want, put whatever spin you want on this one – you […]
Tonight was a partly great night spending time with some of the extended family visiting from […]
Tonight’s Live Webinar with Business Strategist Donna Benstead was an examination into Motivation & Mindset from […]
2016 has been a rapid one for me already in terms of the activity and massive […]
I had an amazing night with some great friends last night. I am getting married very […]
Talking Business, Marketing and everything nice – the past 24 hours have been just awesome for […]