Don't Crack Under Pressure! Tag Heuer nailed this one.

Don’t Crack Under Pressure! Tag Heuer nailed this one.

2016 has been a rapid one for me already in terms of the activity and massive projects already playing out. I am very lucky to have some awesome new clients come in and whilst I am working away – I am making lots of changes to strengthen the business for the future.

Besides the usual process and the like – I have been pushing my Online Marketing a lot harder which is great and working well for me.

As part of all this development, I have found myself at times emotionally ‘out of it’. I was actually a bit like that on the weekend, you can be succeeding and going hard, however a knock here in there can get you thinking in different ways and the like.

I quite like the term ‘in the zone’ and I actually learned it from a Currency Trading Mentor some years back by the name of Vic Noble. A great guy and he talks about ‘being in the zone’ from a Currency Traders viewpoint. That is you say lose several trades in a row, yet one must keep going and stay at it (as succeeding as a trader is taking a string of losses / wins / losses / wins etc – but coming out ahead).

Being ‘in the zone’ is the winning mode of thinking that we get in where everything feels good and we are positively going hard and loving what we do. You will know many times in your life (if not now) when you feel like this.

As all this plays out, it’s been exactly the same thing business wise. You do get knocks and even the most minor ‘negative’ events can throw us out of the zone. Happens to me at the best of times and the trick is controlling your thinking and keep going hard.

Maybe every 2 months, something will knock me out of the zone and I will be slightly off my game for a few days. The trick is to stay the course and keep at it – not letting your psychology have too much of a negative impact on you.

For some, it really causes lots of problems in terms of them stopping working on their business, networking for new clients or even worse – they choose to give up (sadly it does happen a bit to great people).

My advice and lessons in this area is the importance of being able to resist the knocks and accepting you will be a bit ‘down’ ever now and then but you stay in the zone. This includes getting yourself back into that productive mindset of success however you need to do it.

If you are in the zone, stay that way, if you are out of the zone – do what you need to do to get into the zone. I promise you will most love it.



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