Key insights into the mind from Donna Benstead

Key insights into the mind from Donna Benstead

Tonight’s Live Webinar with Business Strategist Donna Benstead was an examination into Motivation & Mindset from a Marketer’s Viewpoint.

As a Marketing Mentor there are many instances where I informally deal with mindset as part of what I do. Common examples are people afraid to go to Networking Events, have difficult conversations with their staff, put videos on Facebook and even worse – are terrified of not getting any new clients to the point where it immobilises them.

Donna and I felt that it was the perfect time to look into the human mind from a ‘Motivational’ viewpoint and look specifically at at overcoming (or conquering) what holds us back from achieving our goals. We had some banter, agreed on most points, disagreed on some humorous ones and dug that little bit deeper into how people work.

Please enjoy the recording below, share with those it can help and stay awesome!



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