From hot guys, attractive girls, great company and dancers which reminded me of Blade Runner, Ivy Pool Club taught me many things about Marketing...

From hot guys, attractive girls, great company and dancers which reminded me of Blade Runner, Ivy Pool Club taught me many things about Marketing…

I had an amazing night with some great friends last night. I am getting married very soon and they took me out to a fine very informal ‘bucks night’ so to speak at the Ivy Pool Club. I got home at about 3:30AM, I am super fit now so the alcohol doesn’t impact me too much and I am busy running around cleaning and catching up on my chores from Saturday.

These days I have lost lots of weight, am quite happy and certainly attracted lots of like minded people last night. Some girls recognised me from Facebook, took selfie photos with me and I did my old trick of ‘wearing sunglasses at night’ (which is a reference & nod to the Blue’s Brothers) that gets lots of laughs.

As I reference my experience last night I think it was super funny from many viewpoints and bringing it back to good old ‘Marketing’ you see it playing it all out at once.

From people like me who are very taken out to enjoy friendship, drug dealers selling (spotted quite a few as an ex-Feb), ‘working girls’ on the night, single guys and single girls looking to impress – you can see the whole microcosm of the world playing out.

One big point I kept going back to over and over again was the old challenge of standing out in a crowded market. You have great looking guys, great looking girls and all genders are doing their thing – showing off as much of their bodies, trying to look as attractive as possible. It got me thinking in that if you ‘look and dress’ like everyone else, it would be near impossible to stand out. For me, I had quite a unique look and at some moments I was quite a star attraction. There were other people too that were just unique that grabbed attention in a positive and compelling way.

Interestingly, the ‘nice’ people did the greatest on the night. The would always draw in the most people and be the most enticing.

Just like our businesses aye? I certainly think so. How can we be the most attractive, the prettiest and nicest person to speak too? How can we give off that vibe?

My take is in that of not being afraid to be unique. Like I did last night, I attracted people who identified with key elements in me and equally speaking I was repelled by people who weren’t so nice.

Make your business the most attractive that brings in the attention – like a girl / guy on the night club, you want to to be the best one standing out that people just want a piece of…

P.S. Also too as a Post Blog note, I was even contacted by the Awesome Ivy Pool Club who asked for their link to be provided in this article. You can access it here and a great spot. Enjoy!



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