My team from XCOM2 - just like real life lol!

My team from XCOM2 – just like real life lol!

Talking Business, Marketing and everything nice – the past 24 hours have been just awesome for me. From spending a great Friday with my better half and later on playing the new “XCOM2” which has just come out.

In this game you can customise the characters as much as you want. Right to the nearest detail in terms of their look, body language and if you really want to take it to to next level – put some sun glasses on them.

I have dressed them up all these different ways and have been playing mission after mission defending the earth against aliens. It’s been lots of fun and as I have been really getting into the game, it gets me thinking of the people I work with in business.

Where my thinking has really shifted over the past 12 to 18 months in business is thinking yes about myself, but more about my team. That is the people I work with, my awesome clients, people I refer work too, my own suppliers and the like.

I find that it’s critical to be the best you can be and be as helpful as you can in that it allows you to attract the best talent to your side. You then work hard to build your elite team by giving them the skills, the referrals and whatever support you have.

What I am finding now is that I am winning the game, not because I am awesome – but because my team is and the support I get from them. I get an endless stream of referrals and it’s just awesome.

My advice and thinking? Like in XCOM2 your success is you and your team. Build people around you and watch your own success build in the process.

Love your work and thank you my awesome friends! Great to have you in my life as well as XCOM2!



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