Get it out, get it done well, or well - you know what...(Image Credit - Awesome Gordon Ramsay and FOX)

Get it out, get it done well, or well – you know what…(Image Credit – Awesome Gordon Ramsay and FOX)

It’s been weeks of me watching Gordon Ramsay lately and getting into Hell’s Kitchen. Right now I am watching Season 4 and it’s awesome.

Even though Gordon Ramsay is obviously a chef and they are focusing on cooking, it’s strangely taught me so much about business in general and in particular Marketing.

In Hell’s Kitchen, you have two teams. In Season 4 you have the Red Team (the girls) versus the Blue Team (the boys). At the start, the girls would continually win against the boys and as the dead wood has been cut out of the boys team, they are now even with each other (please don’t spoil it and tell me who wins). When you say have a bad kitchen, everyone is busy, panicking, running around but nothing is coming out.

If something does come out, it’s rubbish. Equally speaking, when the kitchen team is working well, people aren’t actually that busy – but there is pure food art which is coming out quickly that is not only a pleasure to the taste buds but to the eyes.

Bringing it back to Marketing, I have seen clients do well and struggle in this area. The ones that talk about it all the time tend to get nowhere, but the ones that are quiet and get the work done ironically become the greatest Marketers (and you can watch their sales rise very quickly).

My take on this whole issue is that you can’t mess in Gordon’s kitchen or your own Marketing. It’s got to be done well, it must go out and it must be done quickly. In order to achieve this one must be competent at what they are doing. If you are, then just go hard and get it out.

You will be the better for it and your bank account shall love you.

Thank you for the read, thank you Gordon Ramsay and of course – stay awesome!



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