It all starts with how we view ourselves...

It all starts with how we view ourselves…

Even writing this heading has got me thinking in the respect and looking at myself with critical self-reflection.

When one is a Mentor, Coach or Consultant as well this is of even more importance in that if you don’t value yourself, your rates will be low, your hours shall be long and tragically you will struggle to attract decent clients.

As my business has improved I am not only grateful, but also in lots of reflection on my performance over the past few years. I give myself a C+ and right now, I want to turn that into an A+ to live my overall score.

Many argue that I am way too hard on myself, but I disagree with that one. The reason why I disagree is that I haven’t valued myself enough of the time.

When you don’t value yourself, you don’t charge enough and it’s more likely people may take advantage of you. I remember this happening to me greatly in my 3rd to 4th year (it’s year 5 for me now) and it challenged me to fight my ‘enemy within’ that bit more.

My reference to ‘enemy within’ is that side of ourselves where we incorrectly label ourselves below what we actually are. Sometimes for me it’s been an internal battle with the ‘enemy within’ and guess what? I won.

I won the war against myself. For many of my awesome clients and friends too, it’s part of the process. As once succeeds and grows, the negative self-talk within tends to pull us down and is not good for anyone.

My advice? Value yourself right now. It’s not the easiest thing to do, but make no mistake – the more you value yourself the better off you shall be.

It changes the way you think, the way you act and ultimately the decisions you make. Push against your own insecurity and not only be awesome, but truly believe it.

Thanks for the read, please share and stay awesome from Edward Zia!



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