The 30 Day Facebook Video Challenge certainly stimlated some great conversation...

The 30 Day Facebook Video Challenge certainly stimlated some great conversation…

We had one rocking workshop tonight on Facebook Video Marketing and as we reflected on it, the moment that truly confronted everyone was the ’30 Day Video Challenge’.

If you have heard me reference this before, it’s when you put a video up every day for 30 days. This is promoting yourself, promoting your business, whatever the case may be – you go through the process of a video a day and carefully monitoring your results and performance.

When this plays out on Facebook, it creates challenges and results on many levels. Firstly on challenges, it forces one to speak better, think of more creative angles on their business and eventually come to a deeper level of understanding business wise.

On a positive level, people who don’t like you unfriend / leave you, people who follow you start turning into fans and then it leads to awesome leads / sales coming in.

I have found this personally work out well for me and many of my clients as it creates continual exchange between you and your clients (and clients to be). The more you do it, the more you get known which can lead to only great things.

If I think of the biggest challenge / objection to this tonight, it’s people thinking:

Oh Cawd! What on Earth do I talk about?

This can be your product, your business, what you have learned, what your customers are getting, something of relevant interest – basically many different concepts. You only have to think of one at a time and as you do more, you get smarter and tougher.

My advice and thinking? Do the 30 day video challenge. Check out my Facebook Page for some ideas here and just make it work for you.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!



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  1. Hi Edward,

    Thank you for mentoring and guiding me through the challenge.

    For me, it is the positive experience of growing and having FUN. I can apply what I have learned from several mentors of mine into practice too. Natasha Zuvela, in particular, has helped me a lot in the ‘Shine On Camera’ bootcamp 🙂

    My suggestion to others thinking of doing this is – learn the BASICS from professionals and ‘just do it’. It is getting easier and easier along the journey.

    I am happy to be connected & share more insights with you 🙂

    • You too and love your work Viola! It’s all happening and keep up the great work. Sounds like you mix with some very awesome people. Keep it up Viola Tam The Business Mum!

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