Hanging out with the right people makes all the difference. Full credit to Eliza from Fortitude on this one!

Hanging out with the right people makes all the difference. Full credit to Eliza from Fortitude on this one!

Today was a very intense and highly rewarding day of working with some great people. I think they rock and with one of them (a great couple who we have become friends with), their biggest challenge is simply being in ‘the right crowd’.

That is they are out and about, working away in their business but like I once did – they have spent too much time networking in the wrong type of environments.

As many of us did, they have basically spent far too much time networking with people that are not the right crowd. This can manifest in several ways being anything from Lack of Money, Lack of Influence, Lack of Kindness, Lack of Intelligence and even Lack of Genuine Intent.

Basically, they have been caught up in places which has taken their time, focus, effort and also opportunity to be somewhere else where they can earn more money.

In having this discussion I gave them some great options with NSW Chamber, Parramatta Chamber and even made a reference to AmCham (the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia) in that it’s full of great people they are much better suited to working with.

It all comes down to what our mothers would have taught us in friends that relates with business:

Hang out with the right crowd!

In business and entrepreneurship however, you know when you stuff this one up. You have lots of time wasted and just make NO money which is a cardinal sin.

My advice and take? Right Crowd. Be intelligent and mix with the right people who you can help, but are best poised to help you.

Pure and simple. If they aren’t in the networking environments you are in, then keep searching. Look and you shall find and never settle like many of us have historically.

Love your work, thanks for the read, enjoy and stay awesome!



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  1. AWESOME, Edward! Most mothers are wise enough to reach us this. Yet, how many of us do have to go through the wrong path to get it right? Great sharing. Edward!

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