You can do Facebook Videos of everything. It got me thinking...

You can do Facebook Videos of everything. It got me thinking…

Today was a rocking day full of variety, research, clients and also a very good day of Facebook Video.

I started with me walking to clients, to watching burgers getting put together and then was wearing a Hardhat talking about my love for Gordon Ramsay.

What got me thinking today was helping out a family member of one of my clients who owns a take-away store. They do great quality and need more marketing to help get their store known in the local area to drive patronage.

When it comes to Retail Food Marketing, it’s a very local purchase obviously. That is, people won’t travel far for say ‘Take Away’ type of food so it’s critical to really market well to your local area.

I was busy showing them how to use Facebook Video and they asked me a great question saying:

That’s great Edward, what on Earth are we going to do?

This put me on the spot in terms of thinking of how I use Facebook Video and how I would adapt it to suit Facebook. After about 45 seconds of internal reflection (and inspiration from tons of Gordon Ramsay) some running commentary of us putting together a burger did the trick. It was an impressive and massive burger which was not only impressive, but was laden with commentary and satire.

This has gone really well, already have had an 1100+ Post Reach on Facebook (as I write this blog) and they were impressed at the awareness it created.

Basically I was able to look at how I use Facebook and adapt it to suit their business on the fly and demonstrate how they can do it to their own betterment.

This got me thinking on a greater level in terms of adapting marketing to suit our interests. It’s very easy to say “Oh yeah, go use LinkedIn, go Networking, use Facebook” or whatever – but the finesse is working out how to adapt to suit what you do.

My advice and take? Understand the basics of the platform and then workout how to make it succeed for you. Be it fun, serious, crazy, sane or a composite of all of them – it’s the great way to do it.

Love your work, thank you for the read, share this with those it can help and stay awesome!



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