At times we don't all feel like it. Just doing a video and thinking about Gordon Ramsay seems to get me back in the zone...

At times we don’t all feel like it. Just doing a video and thinking about Gordon Ramsay seems to get me back in the zone…

Yes it even happens to me. I reach times in my work where I feel ‘blah’ and just can’t for the life of me move forward. Believe it or not I actually feel like that now.

I ate too much Italian Food last night, missed the gym and right now my body is saying just ‘blah’ to me. I then instantly felt like it’s all too hard after having some very confusing dreams all night.

So for a moment I felt like it was too hard and like stopping. When you feel like that in life what is the best cure?

Do some work, do something great and push yourself hard to snap out of it!

As I wrote that sentence just then on this nice Sunday at 8:41AM it’s already had this affect on me. I have put a video on Facebook already, writing my blog now and basically I can promise you that at times like this I never miss a beat.

It’s natural to be ‘human’ and at times not feel like playing ball, doing work or pushing yourself and it does happen to the best of us. What I find is that we cannot dwell there too long. If you do, you can really put yourself in a spiral of mental defeat.

I used to do that all the time and talking more Marketing, if you are say a Mentor, Coach, Consultant or just a Small Business Owner like myself – your success comes from putting yourself out there all the time. You can’t be down for too long and besides that – it’s just no fun.

My advice and thinking? It’s going to happen but snap out of it fast. The more you do that, the more successful, profitable and happier in life you are going to become. I feel that way now actually, already pre-coffee writing this blog – has got me back in the zone.

Next time you don’t feel like it. It’s the perfect time to make yourself do something impressive.

Love your work, thanks for the read, please share and stay awesome!

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor & Commentator



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