Easy, free and so well worth it...

Easy, free and so well worth it…

From a few different clients at once, I was finally inspired to install a new process in my own business coined ‘5 Calls a Day’.

This basically means staying in contact with at least 5 x people a day that you know. This could be a phone call, Facebook Message, personal email or whatever the case maybe. It is not people I work with generally, but making some form of pro-active contact with someone who I know, like and haven’t seen in a while.

I started this process about 3 weeks ago and the results have been amazing. When you say hello to people, most ignore you – but say 1/3 will say hello, ask for a meeting to reconnect or even hire me. It’s been awesome! It’s a great simple contact strategy that anyone can day which has been something that I have started.

5 calls / contacts a day is totally nothing and it’s with people you know that are say in your target market. For me, that is Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs and as I started this new approach the results have been nothing but amazing.

If you think about it, that is making contact with say 25 people a week (assuming 5 days). You only need a 1 out of 25 positive result to make it totally worth it and it doesn’t take much time at all. Yes, I love Facebook, Email Marketing and all that – and they are great, but are not replacements for personal contact and proving to people that you care.

My advice? Do it. If you are starting out this may be hard, but if you have been going for a short while – this very simple contact strategy can make all the different. Most people ignore you, but the awesome will say hello.

Enjoy the tip, so simple, share this post, thank you and stay awesome!



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