Winning with pals is well worth it!

Winning with pals is well worth it!

“It’s better with friends” is one experience I heard about travelling a very long time ago. Although I have enjoyed many times travelling on my own, I do certainly think there are key situations in life where it’s true, it’s just better with friends.

One experience that got me thinking about this was our ‘Profitable Marketing Forum’ today. This is our regular Free Live Seminar where we have anything from 30 – 80 people in the room talking powerful Sales & Marketing Strategies.

We have myself and some of my colleagues speaking to a group of business owners and it’s a real team effort. That is, we have to deliver a result as a team something that makes people in the room happy, impresses our hosts (the awesome Parramatta College) and of course makes us look wonderful in the eyes of the market.

It got me thinking as to how this plays out in business. It can be quite normal to feel that we are alone at times (especially when starting out) and as things play out for me, I realise the importance of being a ‘team player’ later in business.

This includes thinking about your people, referring them business, looking after their welfare and contributing to the success of their businesses. Thinking this way has always let to good things for me. It’s made them appreciate me more (as they get referrals from me), it’s helped them become successful in their right and of course they either hire me more or send me business back.

It’s a shared victory in that we all collectively win. It’s very different to Corporate Thinking (every man / woman for themselves) and equally different thinking to say studying exams at school.

My advice and thinking? Beyond the ‘feel good factor’ working as a team and helping others win is just critical.

It comes back your way big time.

Trust me on that one.



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