If you are feeling lonely, sad or unnoticed - just take over the place. Works for me.

If you are feeling lonely, sad or unnoticed – just take over the place. Works for me.

To my own fame and infamy, I have been known to ‘take over places’ when it comes to Networking events. They are lots of reasons why I do this for anything from entertaining myself after a long Sydney day, right through to getting attention.

It was even one of the reasons that got me kicked off the leadership team when I used to run 4Networking Australia – basically, in a ‘good way’ I would take over the place. This would be by helping people, volunteering my time to help out and really good attendance at events.

I was at the NSW Business Chamber tonight actually and I was up to my usual antics tonight. From speaking to lots of people, making wisecracks, swapping lots of business cards and getting to know the leadership team there – I don’t miss a beat.

You may be thinking (rightfully so) that I am really insecure in that I want to take over a networking events. Whilst I am not saying I am a secure person, it’s really important to be well known at networking events.

That is, in order to be hired one must be known!

I think at networking events, it is our job to make lots of noise, meet great people and just be awesome – because we stand out more, get noticed and it can lead to us getting more great clients. Sure, some people don’t like it – but overall it’s been great for me. You have to be known, get attention and make a great impression in this game so my take is do whatever it takes to develop a well known positive profile.

My advice? Talk to everyone, help out, smile, be different and even dress different. Not that I wear suits, but everyone at NSW Chamber is in business clothes. Great, I dress in an Entrepreneurs outfit and it rocks.

Get out there, make yourself known at events and go hard. I can promise it will help you pick up lots of clients and your bank account shall love you.

It’s worked for me and many of my clients and I dare say it will work well for you…



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