NSW Chamber is one happening place and you have 24 hours to make contact (at the most).

NSW Chamber is one happening place and you have 24 hours to make contact (at the most).

As I write this blog, I have been typing my fingers to the bone in sending out emails, LinkedIn Connections, Facebook Friend requests and connecting with people I met at NSW Chamber last night.

They ran their regular networking event (which was awesome) and I met at least 30 people that night. I had about that many cards and as a very seasoned networker on the streets of Sydney – I have learned the critical importance of quick follow up.

When it comes to meeting people in business networking environments, you actually don’t have long to connect with them. Life is busy, they are busy and if you don’t make some type of contact quickly – they are going to forget you very quickly.

This obviously is a bad thing, in that the whole reason we go networking is to make new connections in the hope of more business and better opportunities in life (at least that is my motive).

I have found that you have to the next day, urgently make proactive contact in the hope of staying connected and getting some ‘bites’ for your services. I personally like to email my Corporate Profile with all my details, LinkedIn add and also FB add them. What is interesting is that at least 1/2 don’t respond! That is, that 1/2 will just ignore me and probably think I suck. And guess what?

That is awesome that over 1/2 ignore me.

Because if 1/2 of people are like that, I don’t want to work with them anyway and they really can go away. I want the:

Awesome other half of people who are just like me.

This makes perfect sense and I have always found that let’s say I sent out 20 emails. I may get 0 – 4 meetings depending on how lucky I am. Let’s say I get 2 meetings for argument sake per networking event. That is awesome! They have met me, are highly qualified and as I have sent them my Corporate Profile prior, they know exactly who I am. They may have something good to sell me, may hire me or we can work together.

How good is that? My big lesson is make contact ASAP. If it’s an evening event, make sure the next day you get onto them. Otherwise the lead goes cold and they shall tragically forget you (and we don’t want that).

24 hours my friend and make contact ASAP!



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