Stay out there and keeping putting out those messages!

Stay out there and keeping putting out those messages!

As time passes for me in business, the more I experience and feel the reality of our Marketing requiring many touches.

What I mean by this is that for anyone to purchase our products or services, almost never do they react to the first advertisement or mention of your services. It generally requires dozens of continual exposures of someone to ourselves / our potential services for any hope of them turning into a fan, let alone a client.

Where I have really learned seen this play out is on Online Marketing & Social Media. For myself to get tangible, measurable sales results from Facebook, LinkedIn, Email Marketing or just good old Business Networking – it takes multiple visits, attendance and interactive experiences for people to become interested.

When you think this through, it has some severe implications to note. The first one to me is that you cannot just do one ‘Campaign’ and expect it to turn around your business as much as attending a networking event won’t either. It means that you need a regular Marketing program which is sending out messages all the time in order to not only break through all the noise, but gradually get noticed by everyone else.

For me it’s been a massive effort of high value networking, Facebook, Webinars, Email Marketing, LinkedIn, speaking at events – you name it! It’s a whole lwat of work and it’s important to get your own rhythm and keep pumping out the materials.

My advice and thinking? Pump out the messages all the time. At the start it’s hard, but you get used to it and it just gets way easier.

I have had people follow me on say FB for 12 months until they become clients and it’s just reality of how things work in this regard.

So get Marketing, stay consistent, smile and make sure you share this blog! (lol)

Edward Zia – Marketing Mentor & Blogger



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