Losses and Wins are all part of life in Sydney. Just make sure your wins are bigger!

Losses and Wins are all part of life in Sydney. Just make sure your wins are bigger!

If you have spend any time with me in ‘the real world’ or even read my blog for a while, you will see this reoccurring statement I will make over again when I comment on the bad, the good and the down right whacky fast paced nature of life when I say:

– “That’s life in Sydney”

It’s almost become a massive catch cry of mine in that with satire I reference just how strange things can be around here.

For me I have a very special day coming up (which you will find out about later) and it’s a day of winning for me. Talking business and in my drive to get my blog out to you fine people, it got me thinking mroe of what business is just like in Sydney.

You have bad days, great days, awesome days and if I look over things it’s a series of Wins & Losses. You have a shot, miss a great client. Have a shot, pick up a great client and the cycle continues.

What has really helped me and many of my clients is the critical nature of understanding how this just works. If you understand that you are going to lose at times, it will make life just much easier when it happens.

Also too if you know you are going to lose, you also know you are going to win big time as the strange nature of things that play out. For me, I am going to win big today (which I am very excited about) and it’s great and I expect to win (as believe me, I have had plenty of losses along the way).

My big advice? If you are awesome like me and busy working away – realize you are going to have wins and losses and that is just ‘Life in Sydney’ for many of us (or wherever your are worldwide). The more shots you take are the more losses, but more wins you shall have.

Enjoy, stay awesome, thanks for the read and keep at it!



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