As in the awesome Fallout 4 - stupid people can be of great value to us! Thank you Trolls!

As in the awesome Fallout 4 – stupid people can be of great value to us! Thank you Trolls!

Ahh Internet Trolls! The used to really annoy me and today I totally love them. From Facebook ‘Friends’ who have trashed me on FB to get unfriended, people randomly commenting on my ads saying mean stuff or even better – people who leave insults poorly disguised and ‘constructive commentary’.

I love it now actually and I remember about 2 years ago it would freak me out. I would be terrified of putting a post on FB, getting trashed or what people would say about me on the internet.

If anyone has taught me well I would say Donald Trump for sure in that the more people that ‘troll’ you actually help you grow.

That is, the more we are attacked the more successful we become.

I remember a great one in this actually. I had a Facebook friend who was really mean to me on my posts and then chose to unfriend me. Awesome! I had a stack of friends who unfriended me about then and I wrote a blog about it. Even though I didn’t name them and there is no way anyone could have deduced it’s them, they got all angry about it and attacked me in the real world.

Awesome! I love it. By this person attacking me, making lots of noise about me, it made me more popular and known across town. A great example is on Facebook. If some trashes me on there, it creates lots of activity for people to see.

My name gets out there more, their friends see it and people see how mean the troll really is so it back fires.

It’s quite funny actually, the trolls are so stupid they think they are ‘getting you’ somehow, but they are actually promoting you. Idiots and I love them.

If you are reading this, you are obviously awesome and I bet you have been a victim of trolling yourself. It’s a good thing. No, it’s a great thing.

Learn to love it and let the morons promote you. The more you are attacked, the more successful thy becomes.

If anything, it reminds me of the awesome Fallout 4. A great game and in it stupid people who attack you often make you lots of money, get taught painful lessons and make the game fun. Just like real like maybe?

Enjoy, smile and Happy Marketing!

P.S. Thank you Bethesda Softworks, Vault Boy and Fallout for the image credit. You rock.



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