Very awesome and highly recommended!

Very awesome and highly recommended!

Zoolander 2 was a great film! Definitely four stars and even though I am not usually into comedies (I am the sci-fi type), it took itself lightly and focused on really entertaining the audience. It had a great plot, full of A-list celebrities and also had some great intelligence for those a bit in their head (like me).

From a Marketing viewpoint it got me thinking heavily about the main theme of it’s plot, fashion! Now if you know me (thanks to a great woman) my sense of fashion has gone up considerably over the last 12 months. I would even say in some ways, I am even ‘slightly’ fashionable.

Talking Marketing in this film, one thing it reminded me of was the way you use body language and also how you dress to create the impact and impression you want. From bright colours to be sexy and fun, to dark colours to express seriousness and gain emotional impact, right through to even looking neutral to let other features stand out – it reminded me of exactly dressing for the right impression.

I have had several ‘make-overs’ in my time with a serious one a few years ago setting my basic style as an ‘IT Entrepreneur’ outfit with some army overtones. It is basically my tight shirts, hitting the gym, a bit of colour, baggy designer jeans and Doc Martens.

The look works really well for me (that was observed by a massive uptick in sales) from the first day I went in that direction.

Zoolander 2 was great in that regard. It was obviously a satire of fashion, but there was some home truths in it from a marketing viewpoint. My top 3 are:

– Dress to create the image you want.

– Use your body and facial expressions as part of it.

– Love what you are!

I liked the last point I got out of the film. Love what you are. You can love other people way more when you just love yourself.

My advice? Got and watch it! You will learn something and enjoy yourself too.



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