Richard Poi is kind and attractive man. The type of person anyone would want to buy from.

Richard Poi is kind and attractive man. The type of person anyone would want to buy from.

Be as PC as you want, put whatever spin you want on this one – you know and I know that good looking people do better in business and life.

There have been numerous studies on this one from very subjective studies, right through quite direct studies done through universities using survey data as a means of measuring influence (e.g. same girl dressed ‘nice’ vs ‘not nice’ and comparing the number of survey requests they would pick up in the street).

Basically, the more ‘attractive’ we are, the better we feel and the easier it is for us to market. I was at a fantastic rotary function tonight and lucky to be mixing with some great people including the awesome Richard Poi. He is a good looking, happy go lucky and lovely man. He had his ‘Chinese Hawaiian’ shirt happening (basically a Hawaiian style shirt, but with Dragons), incredibly well groomed and was a man in the know in what he was doing.

Surprise, surprise he was one of the leaders in charge and he was a kind man on many levels. Good looking inside and outside and it got me thinking more about Leadership and the general element of charisma.

If we think about it, most leaders in society are charismatic in their own ways. Sure, some are not – but many of them have their own means of influence, style and charm to win over their audience. Gordon Ramsay and Donald Trump have their own brand of ‘attractiveness’ with say the more weaker leaders like Obama and your typical leftie having their own ‘soft touch’ which wins over their audiences.

Basically, you have to be ‘attractive’ as a brand, as a person and as an idea. This will be in your own unique way and relevant to your own audience.

Is it being stronger? Tougher? Cuter? Slimmer? Bigger? Buffer? Smarter? That I can’t tell you, but what I can tell you is that as you learn what your market wants and evolve in that direction – you are up for some very successful times.

Be attractive on the inside, outside and keep driving yourself in that direction. Your marketing and people’s reaction to you shall make it well worth it.



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