I remember when I started out in business and how naive I was. I had all […]
Even though I am well aware that the world isn’t exactly a fair place (with bad […]
I am quite proud of myself in the respect of a new Facebook Advertisement I recorded […]
It’s been a great night. My head is still buzzing from the food, caffeine and good […]
It’s been a great day for me so far. Lots of work and clients are happy […]
It’s totally true and I finally have proof that size does not matter. Where I got […]
We are buzzing and very happy! It’s been a long, rewarding evening where we ran our […]
It’s been a rocking evening and I have just finished my Live Webinar talking to the […]
Today was a fantastic day, ironically full of client work, focusing on projects, joining a friend […]
As a man who has worked for I think over 16 years now in Marketing, it’s […]
As you may already know, lately (quite late actually) I have got right into Gordon Ramsay. […]
As I write this blog, I have been typing my fingers to the bone in sending […]