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Staying Successful

Visiting Anytime Fitness keeps me totally in the zone. Success is moving and it takes effort to keep up!

Visiting Anytime Fitness keeps me totally in the zone. Success is moving and it takes effort to keep up!

I remember when I started out in business and how naive I was. I had all these images in my mind (which many have actually come true in all fairness) ranging from the type of clients I get, the type I life I would lead and the virtues of being independent.

One big thing I got totally wrong was the idea of success. I had this image in my mind of myself reaching this ‘magical point’ where all of a sudden everything would be successful and awesome. Of course I have never reached this magical point (and I bet Bill Gates & Donald Trump are still searching for it) and have proven the old cliche of success being a journey and not a destination.

That is very true for me and in reflecting on these learnings it has been that in my business. Sure, I am very successful and highly regarded around town and what I have learned is the amount of effort it takes to remain successful.

At times in my business I have plateaued, not moved anywhere and in key areas I dropped the ball. Of course I have picked it up lately and am highly regarded as ‘being in the zone’ now.

The big lesson I learned and have practiced lately is the importance of ‘staying successful’. Anyone I think can go and pick up a few big clients and pretend they are awesome and I have seen many like this still come and go. For me it’s important that we survive the long-haul and the reality is totally true, it takes work to stay successful.

The includes doing a great job with your clients, staying ahead so your competitors don’t take you out, staying fit & healthy (who would listen to a fat Marketing Mentor?) and staying connected with the community.

For me, too many people focus on ‘success’ in the now and reach a point – then tragically bounce back. I have learned the direct opposite – we want to stay successful at all times. My advice and thinking? Never get complacent. Keep at it, smile and you shall enjoy it big time.

Thanks for the read, I love shares and stay awesome!


Never tempt Karma to pay a visit...

Never tempt Karma to pay a visit…

Even though I am well aware that the world isn’t exactly a fair place (with bad things happening to many good people), there is a key force at play which is pegged to our deeds.

This is my fifth year in business and I have loved the challenge of surviving, succeeding and staying successful on the mean streets of Sydney. I have seen small people rise, big people fall and many come and go from our community in one way or another.

With everything I have seen and learned as of late – I have really seen how people’s bad deeds just catch up with them and leave them in big trouble.

Reflecting back on people who have done awful deeds, they aren’t doing too well (especially a few years on). This includes anything like using people without paying them, high school immature back stabbing, using someone then flicking them on or even worse – slandering and making up stories about people that just aren’t true.

The people who have been dispensing bad karma I know today are getting their butts kicked. From people not hiring them, to people not liking them, to even people legally retaliating – the ‘bad people’ are having a bad time.

Sure, I feel for anyone that suffers – but the bad people who are getting their butts kicked get anything but sympathy from anyone else. I don’t think as well that ‘Karma’ is necessarily some kind of mystical concept as well – it’s quite pragmatic.

If you push someone around or hurt them – some will take it, and some will retaliate. Others will see it too, often take the side of the victim and go after the enemy within that started it all.

Talking positively, the people who do great things, look after others have few enemies (and when enemies act, it’s usually out of ‘Tall Poppy Syndrome’ and not anything rational). When good people get attacked, people leap to their defence so the attacker fails even more.

My advice and lessons? Karma is out there regardless of whatever you believe. Do the right thing because it’s good for everyone and society – and you will me more likely to attract the nice side of Karma to your cause. If you have done the wrong thing (which we all have at some point), apologise, do lots of great deeds and balance it out.

Otherwise, just be kind and awesome. Bad things will still happen to you as is life, but you will at least reduce the odds.

Here’s to Karma! I better be a good boy today lol

Direct, Direct and Direct!

It's working! Less words equals more strength.

It’s working! Less words equals more strength.

I am quite proud of myself in the respect of a new Facebook Advertisement I recorded during the week and got live this morning.

My last Facebook Advertising video was good in terms of engagement and people liking my posts – but it didn’t sell as much as I would like. With my own growth and development I have found that strength and directness if everything.

I have really learned that when it comes to selling services and making that ‘profitable connection’ with people is that you have to be really straight up and direct.

For example – ages ago to promote my Awesome Marketing Vault in a FB advertisement, I would have said:

+ “Ready for more High Value Profitable Clients? The Awesome Marketing Vault is full of proven Sales & Marketing Strategies giving you ideas to help you grow your business and create the life you deserve. Learn more at”

+ Make Life Happen with Awesome Marketing Vault @

The second advertisement just works that much better than the first and I have applied that exact same logic in my videos to get better engagement and results.

My advice and thinking? In your advertising be so direct and straight up so people just know what you do and why it’s wonderful.

Don’t waste words. Use less, make it hit people hard and make it strong. It’s done wonders for me and I bet it will help you.

Love your work, thanks for the read and stay awesome!

Intelligent People

Our new pal Amanda. Intelligent and very awesome.

Our new pal Amanda. Intelligent and very awesome.

It’s been a great night. My head is still buzzing from the food, caffeine and good times at a launch group for Success Women’s Network. Tonight, my lovely wife met a really nice and happening awesome Middle Eastern character Amanda.

We collectively hit it off, finding ourselves a few hours later at El-Sweetie in Granville, Western Sydney (this is a very known Middle Eastern Sweet Shop – very nice). We spoke about everything from life in Sydney, to Entrepreneurship, right through to geo-politics and what is playing out worldwide.

It reminded me as to the importance of having intelligent awesome people surrounding us. I have awesome clients and I remember before I started my business, I was surrounded by only a few intelligent people (most were idiots).

If I think back to my life when I was surrounded by idiots, my life really didn’t work well at all. Over time, I moved away from the silly people and got more intelligent awesome friends.

Guess what? My life became more enjoyable, awesome and fun – which always to this day inspires me. We are often the result of our own goals and our environment – hence the smarter / more awesome we surround ourself with, the more likely we are to be successful ourselves.

My advice and learnings? Intelligent people are awesome, brilliant and who we want to be surrounded by.

The more the merrier! Thanks to my awesome wife and our new pal Amanda. Intelligent people rock.

Thinking on a higher level

Brillant, kind and doesn't miss a beat. Suzanne Harrington from Pinnacle TMS is a source of progressive ideas.

Brillant, kind and doesn’t miss a beat. Suzanne Harrington from Pinnacle TMS is a source of progressive ideas.

It’s been a great day for me so far. Lots of work and clients are happy (touch wood lol).

I was very lucky this morning to reconnect with the awesome Suzanne Harrington (from Pinnacle TMS). In the Trademarking space, she is somewhat of a celebrity and I have been not only lucky to have her as a client, but get to know and become friends with her over time.

Interestingly since we first met each other, both of us have really grown business wise over time. She was kind enough to trust me before I was popular and likewise I was grateful to work with her. As we reflected on good old times and what we are working on now – what is clearly evident with us is how we are both clearly thinking on a higher level.

This included us really growing and agreeing in some key areas:

Networking in Better Places: Hitting serious events, with bigger players that love hiring people like us.

Valuing the Time of Others & Ourselves: We are very cautious to only meet people where are services are good for each other. So it’s great for everyone.

Self Belief: We are the best at what we do. We ain’t afraid to pitch to anyone.

Reconnecting with Suzanne was key inspirational experience from a range of viewpoints. It has me thinking on how my own thinking has improved and evolved for the better.

My advice and thinking? Firstly only hang out with serious awesome operators (like Suzanne). Secondly, keep pushing yourself, questioning your own thinking and improve.

I find the more I question myself, the more I admit I am wrong and the more I challenge myself is the more money I make and the more I smile.

Love your work, thanks for the read, please share this article and stay awesome!

Size does NOT matter

The size of the team or event doesn't matter. Quality does.

The size of the team or event doesn’t matter. Quality does.

It’s totally true and I finally have proof that size does not matter. Where I got this self-esteem improving proof is from visiting the small, but very powerful West Ryde Chamber of Commerce. If you know Sydney at all, ‘Ryde’ is this very old, established ‘Working Class’ area that is going through quite a transformation and growth in property values.

I was invited to the West Ryde Chamber and there was only about 12 people there. My immediate (very incorrect view which I am guilty to have) was this place is really small.

Where I was wrong was that it was an amazing environment full of high powered people and I even have 1 x great lead from there. It got me thinking as I was driven back home with my awesome wife in that it doesn’t matter how many people are there.

What matters in events is quality on two ends. Yes, it’s the quality of how is in the room, but it’s also the quality of yourself. It’s important to make sure you go in there with the right intent, agenda, kindness, openness and ability to meet people.

I was very lucky to meet Pauline Keyvar from ‘Huntington’s New South Wales’ and we are going to get involved in more projects and great things to come. She really impressed me, is well connected and I am going to help Market her charity and who knows what can come back my way.

My big advice and thinking? Never get sucked into that illusion of ‘Size Matters’ in networking. It just doesn’t. I have picked up clients from events of 5 people and wasted my time at events of 200.

Get out there, explore, don’t let size phase you – and meet people and smile. You will be amazed at what you can pick up.

Love your work and thanks for the read – share away and stay awesome!

Running Successful Workshops

Mark Kyte was on the money tonight. Nice.

Mark Kyte was on the money tonight. Nice.

We are buzzing and very happy! It’s been a long, rewarding evening where we ran our very successful and intimate Profitable Marketing Workshop (with great credit to Mark Kyte & Martha Arifin for their work).

As I sit back in writing this blog at a late 10:36PM after a nice glass of Shiraz, it has me thinking about the not so great and great workshops (such as tonight) that we have run.

Be it paid or free, there are a lot of ducks that must be lined up to run a successful event and listing them all in this blog isn’t quite possible. But, I wanted to share my latest 3 x top thoughts on the topic:

Make it valuable and fun: People leave transformed with the knowledge they get.

Answer their questions: Don’t say what you want, really adapt to the audience and deliver what they want.

Fill it full of the right people: We had a great crowd of tight 14 – 15 people who were just awesome and the right ones.

This got me thinking as to a range of issues and when it comes to workshops, they don’t fill from random behaviours. It’s quite an art running successful workshops and they get better and better over time as we run them.

My advice and take? Your later workshops will always be better than your early ones and that’s cool. Keep at it, go hard, make them better – attract the right people and give outstanding value.

Love your work, trust you enjoyed the article and stay awesome!

Live Webinar Recording: “Edward’s Success with Facebook Video Marketing!”

Facebook Video Marketing has transformed my business. Enjoy the thoughts!

Facebook Video Marketing has transformed my business. Enjoy the thoughts!

It’s been a rocking evening and I have just finished my Live Webinar talking to the Strategies, Idea’s and Successes I have had with Facebook Video Marketing.

After testing quite a few different aspects of Facebook Advanced Advertising, it all came back to the content I would post every day on my Facebook Page. I think people are done with seeing the advertisement that promises everything and there is this innate drive to people buying from those they totally trust.

In this regard on Facebook Video, it has achieved exactly that for me. I put out videos everyday on Facebook giving tips, building connections and selling my services.

And it works great! It’s been so powerful for me and I trust you enjoy the recording right here.

For more, please check out my Awesome Marketing Vault as well – it contains the whole archive of recordings as well as other great materials to help you grow, succeed & prosper.

Enjoy from Edward Zia!

Doing your homework and knowing your stuff

Whenever I get a chance, I love keeping up with world events and increasing my knowledge. Someone always is ready to test it...

Whenever I get a chance, I love keeping up with world events and increasing my knowledge. Someone always is ready to test it…

Today was a fantastic day, ironically full of client work, focusing on projects, joining a friend for her birthday and great conversations.

We had an amusing experience today of someone who clearly didn’t do their homework, but had an opinion that they just wanted everyone around them to believe. During this party, we had these two ‘trendy hipster’ dressed people come and sit with us.

It seemed quite pleasant at the start and this fellow (with his quiet girlfriend) starting talking to us about charged political topics such as domestic violence, how awesome refugees are awesome and more so – that a certain religion tops women’s rights (which was really sad to hear in the year 2016).

I enjoy great spirited debates and even though most would have been very easily offended at his point of view (it was really misogynistic), I entered a health spirited discussion with him.

Women’s rights are very important to me for a range of personal and societal reasons – with me easily being defined as a ‘Male Feminist’ (it probably came from having a strong mother as a police woman and watching what she put up with from the system).

During the discussion, the person made very weak arguments and ultimately I shot him down on every angle / argument that he came up with. His girlfriend was not impressed with him at all and what made it even more amusing that as he lost, he just said “I sound like Tony Abbott”. Not long after that, he and his girlfriend stormed off and it not only amused my wife and I – it gave us great ideas for discussion and review.

Looking back on this interesting experience it came down to probably a very insecure man who wanted to prove a point, but he didn’t do his homework.

Almost every area he argued I had far more knowledge than he did which led to him not having a great time and probably embarrassing himself. What it reminded me was the importance of knowing your stuff. Regardless of whatever you consider important, you must be well researched, understand the topic inside out and be ready to have detailed / strong discussions on it.

I don’t advise on things I know very little about for good reason – in that I may say something wrong! If I advise on something / let alone debate it, I make sure I have strong knowledge on that issue.

You don’t want to be ‘that guy’ who has a loud voice / no idea – so in business, life or whatever this silly man reminded me as to why one must do their homework.

Research well, master your topic so you can have strong discussions with confidence and strength.

It will make you happier, more influential and of course help you sell more!

Donald Trump’s opposition are his best supporters

Love your work Donald! (Image Credit - Donald Trump's Trail Website)

Love your work Donald! (Image Credit – Donald Trump’s Trail Website)

As a man who has worked for I think over 16 years now in Marketing, it’s made me a really seasoned, yet critical thinker as to what plays out in the great world around us.

I have followed many people and over the years have really got to like key business leaders such as obviously Donald Trump, Bill Gates and also ‘Business Celebrities’ such as Gordon Ramsay and Michelle Bridges to name a few.

Even though I am still quite miles off being in the same categories as these people (I would love to be on tier with Gordon Ramsay one day lol), in my own unique way I have had people attack me here and there.

What I have learned myself is that people attacking us is a key sign of success. It means you’re getting noticed and am worthy of being attacked which is just great!

If the above statement is true, then you can say Donald Trump is one amazing success. Like him or not, he is a publicity genius and where I find it impressive is that the people attacking him are actually the ones promoting him more.

From the Pope, Obama, Hillary, Huffington Post, Bill Maher and people online – every time they slam him, they are making him more important.

I am a big fan of Donald Trump and I only really got engaged with him because people were attacking him. When I analysed the attacks that went his way, I found sure they made some ‘minor correct points’, but when you looked at the bulk of what Donald Trump was saying – it is actually correct, easy to demonstrate and makes logical sense.

I think when people attack him saying whatever about him, it brings more people into his realm considering what he is saying. Sure some may join the attacking party (which then promotes him), but many like myself review the arguments and actually become more suspicious of the establishment.

Like many, I know look at it in a way that when people attack Donald Trump, they are trying to silence him because he is correct and they are scared. After all, if Donald Trump was a nut job – then why pay him so much attention?

I bet you see my logic on this one. Love or hate him, the haters are helping Donald win hearts and minds.

Unless of course, there is some kind of conspiracy where Donald Trump pays people to hate him…

Ahh probably not. The haters just aren’t that clever and are playing into his hands (now that is something more believable).

Love your work, thanks for the read and GO DONALD!

A thick skin in the kitchen

You need it especially if this awesome chef is around!

You need it especially if this awesome chef is around! (Image Credit and thanks to Hell’s Kitchen and Gordon Ramsay)

As you may already know, lately (quite late actually) I have got right into Gordon Ramsay. He has his crazy antics, his whacky moves, bizarre statements of raw steak ‘still mooing’ and it’s been just a pleasure to watch.

Beyond the humour, him going crazy and the like – lives a very good natured man who is incredibly intelligent, hardworking and someone you can tell that genuinely wants people to succeed. I see him as a good man who believes in the stick more than the carrot – but still if I saw him in the street, I would ask him for an autograph ready to run.

He gives advice to people that at the time you kind of dismiss, but as you think about it – it’s a bit like “wow that is actually quite profound”.

Gordon has dropped many of these great phrases on me and one I really like is when he basically says:

You got to have a thick skin to succeed in the kitchen.

I can relate to that actually in my own business and the mean streets of Sydney. Even though I have held down some very impressive corporate roles, I actually had very thin skin when I came to Sydney. Almost everything would upset me, but after 5 years in business I can tell you that I have thick skin.

From people threatening to sue me over the frivolous, say they hate me on social media, to those scum bags who say I am awesome but then change their tune when they receive an invoice – I have seen lots of crazy stuff and have been on the receiving end of many things.

And guess what? It’s awesome and I have thick skin now after all the years I have been through. Sure, I may get upset at times – but overall, I feel good, I am in the zone and you get used to keeping going against negative information.

I actually don’t have much negativity thrown my way anymore, or perhaps I maybe just don’t notice it anymore (or perhaps it’s a bit of both). Either way in business, you gotta have thick skin.

Very few of us start off with thick skin, so it’s our job to build it and develop it as time passses.

My advice and thinking? Getting thick skin takes time, punishment and pain – but it’s awesome. As you get tougher, you get more done and you become inspiration for others who are behind you. That’s pretty cool.

Thank you Gordon Ramsay! You rock and your messages are great.

Here’s to the kitchen of our fine businesses!

24 Hours to make contact

NSW Chamber is one happening place and you have 24 hours to make contact (at the most).

NSW Chamber is one happening place and you have 24 hours to make contact (at the most).

As I write this blog, I have been typing my fingers to the bone in sending out emails, LinkedIn Connections, Facebook Friend requests and connecting with people I met at NSW Chamber last night.

They ran their regular networking event (which was awesome) and I met at least 30 people that night. I had about that many cards and as a very seasoned networker on the streets of Sydney – I have learned the critical importance of quick follow up.

When it comes to meeting people in business networking environments, you actually don’t have long to connect with them. Life is busy, they are busy and if you don’t make some type of contact quickly – they are going to forget you very quickly.

This obviously is a bad thing, in that the whole reason we go networking is to make new connections in the hope of more business and better opportunities in life (at least that is my motive).

I have found that you have to the next day, urgently make proactive contact in the hope of staying connected and getting some ‘bites’ for your services. I personally like to email my Corporate Profile with all my details, LinkedIn add and also FB add them. What is interesting is that at least 1/2 don’t respond! That is, that 1/2 will just ignore me and probably think I suck. And guess what?

That is awesome that over 1/2 ignore me.

Because if 1/2 of people are like that, I don’t want to work with them anyway and they really can go away. I want the:

Awesome other half of people who are just like me.

This makes perfect sense and I have always found that let’s say I sent out 20 emails. I may get 0 – 4 meetings depending on how lucky I am. Let’s say I get 2 meetings for argument sake per networking event. That is awesome! They have met me, are highly qualified and as I have sent them my Corporate Profile prior, they know exactly who I am. They may have something good to sell me, may hire me or we can work together.

How good is that? My big lesson is make contact ASAP. If it’s an evening event, make sure the next day you get onto them. Otherwise the lead goes cold and they shall tragically forget you (and we don’t want that).

24 hours my friend and make contact ASAP!