Brillant, kind and doesn't miss a beat. Suzanne Harrington from Pinnacle TMS is a source of progressive ideas.

Brillant, kind and doesn’t miss a beat. Suzanne Harrington from Pinnacle TMS is a source of progressive ideas.

It’s been a great day for me so far. Lots of work and clients are happy (touch wood lol).

I was very lucky this morning to reconnect with the awesome Suzanne Harrington (from Pinnacle TMS). In the Trademarking space, she is somewhat of a celebrity and I have been not only lucky to have her as a client, but get to know and become friends with her over time.

Interestingly since we first met each other, both of us have really grown business wise over time. She was kind enough to trust me before I was popular and likewise I was grateful to work with her. As we reflected on good old times and what we are working on now – what is clearly evident with us is how we are both clearly thinking on a higher level.

This included us really growing and agreeing in some key areas:

Networking in Better Places: Hitting serious events, with bigger players that love hiring people like us.

Valuing the Time of Others & Ourselves: We are very cautious to only meet people where are services are good for each other. So it’s great for everyone.

Self Belief: We are the best at what we do. We ain’t afraid to pitch to anyone.

Reconnecting with Suzanne was key inspirational experience from a range of viewpoints. It has me thinking on how my own thinking has improved and evolved for the better.

My advice and thinking? Firstly only hang out with serious awesome operators (like Suzanne). Secondly, keep pushing yourself, questioning your own thinking and improve.

I find the more I question myself, the more I admit I am wrong and the more I challenge myself is the more money I make and the more I smile.

Love your work, thanks for the read, please share this article and stay awesome!



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