The size of the team or event doesn't matter. Quality does.

The size of the team or event doesn’t matter. Quality does.

It’s totally true and I finally have proof that size does not matter. Where I got this self-esteem improving proof is from visiting the small, but very powerful West Ryde Chamber of Commerce. If you know Sydney at all, ‘Ryde’ is this very old, established ‘Working Class’ area that is going through quite a transformation and growth in property values.

I was invited to the West Ryde Chamber and there was only about 12 people there. My immediate (very incorrect view which I am guilty to have) was this place is really small.

Where I was wrong¬†was that it was an amazing environment full of high powered people and I even have 1 x great lead from there. It got me thinking as I was driven back home with my awesome wife in that it doesn’t matter how many people are there.

What matters in events is quality on two ends. Yes, it’s the quality of how is in the room, but it’s also the quality of yourself. It’s important to make sure you go in there with the right intent, agenda, kindness, openness and ability to meet people.

I was very lucky to meet Pauline Keyvar from ‘Huntington’s New South Wales’ and we are going to get involved in more projects and great things to come. She really impressed me, is well connected and I am going to help Market her charity and who knows what can come back my way.

My big advice and thinking? Never get sucked into that illusion of ‘Size Matters’ in networking. It just doesn’t. I have picked up clients from events of 5 people and wasted my time at events of 200.

Get out there, explore, don’t let size phase you – and meet people and smile. You will be amazed at what you can pick up.

Love your work and thanks for the read – share away and stay awesome!



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  1. Hi Edward,

    Love this short and sharp blog! Very wise tips, as always!

    I particularly like what you said about “quality of yourself”. It is the contributions that we are willing to bring to the group that matter the most.

    Quality attracts quality. Quality matters!

    Viola Tam

    • Thanks Viola the Business Mum! Love your comments and so true. It’s funny, I have noticed lots of people to say it’s all about the quality of others, but rarely focus on themselves. Fair and balanced I say.

      Thanks again, love your comments and thank you!

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