Mark Kyte was on the money tonight. Nice.

Mark Kyte was on the money tonight. Nice.

We are buzzing and very happy! It’s been a long, rewarding evening where we ran our very successful and intimate Profitable Marketing Workshop (with great credit to Mark Kyte & Martha Arifin for their work).

As I sit back in writing this blog at a late 10:36PM after a nice glass of Shiraz, it has me thinking about the not so great and great workshops (such as tonight) that we have run.

Be it paid or free, there are a lot of ducks that must be lined up to run a successful event and listing them all in this blog isn’t quite possible. But, I wanted to share my latest 3 x top thoughts on the topic:

Make it valuable and fun: People leave transformed with the knowledge they get.

Answer their questions: Don’t say what you want, really adapt to the audience and deliver what they want.

Fill it full of the right people: We had a great crowd of tight 14 – 15 people who were just awesome and the right ones.

This got me thinking as to a range of issues and when it comes to workshops, they don’t fill from random behaviours. It’s quite an art running successful workshops and they get better and better over time as we run them.

My advice and take? Your later workshops will always be better than your early ones and that’s cool. Keep at it, go hard, make them better – attract the right people and give outstanding value.

Love your work, trust you enjoyed the article and stay awesome!



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