Love your work Donald! (Image Credit - Donald Trump's Trail Website)

Love your work Donald! (Image Credit – Donald Trump’s Trail Website)

As a man who has worked for I think over 16 years now in Marketing, it’s made me a really seasoned, yet critical thinker as to what plays out in the great world around us.

I have followed many people and over the years have really got to like key business leaders such as obviously Donald Trump, Bill Gates and also ‘Business Celebrities’ such as Gordon Ramsay and Michelle Bridges to name a few.

Even though I am still quite miles off being in the same categories as these people (I would love to be on tier with Gordon Ramsay one day lol), in my own unique way I have had people attack me here and there.

What I have learned myself is that people attacking us is a key sign of success. It means you’re getting noticed and am worthy of being attacked which is just great!

If the above statement is true, then you can say Donald Trump is one amazing success. Like him or not, he is a publicity genius and where I find it impressive is that the people attacking him are actually the ones promoting him more.

From the Pope, Obama, Hillary, Huffington Post, Bill Maher and people online – every time they slam him, they are making him more important.

I am a big fan of Donald Trump and I only really got engaged with him because people were attacking him. When I analysed the attacks that went his way, I found sure they made some ‘minor correct points’, but when you looked at the bulk of what Donald Trump was saying – it is actually correct, easy to demonstrate and makes logical sense.

I think when people attack him saying whatever about him, it brings more people into his realm considering what he is saying. Sure some may join the attacking party (which then promotes him), but many like myself review the arguments and actually become more suspicious of the establishment.

Like many, I know look at it in a way that when people attack Donald Trump, they are trying to silence him because he is correct and they are scared. After all, if Donald Trump was a nut job – then why pay him so much attention?

I bet you see my logic on this one. Love or hate him, the haters are helping Donald win hearts and minds.

Unless of course, there is some kind of conspiracy where Donald Trump pays people to hate him…

Ahh probably not. The haters just aren’t that clever and are playing into his hands (now that is something more believable).

Love your work, thanks for the read and GO DONALD!



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