Whenever I get a chance, I love keeping up with world events and increasing my knowledge. Someone always is ready to test it...

Whenever I get a chance, I love keeping up with world events and increasing my knowledge. Someone always is ready to test it…

Today was a fantastic day, ironically full of client work, focusing on projects, joining a friend for her birthday and great conversations.

We had an amusing experience today of someone who clearly didn’t do their homework, but had an opinion that they just wanted everyone around them to believe. During this party, we had these two ‘trendy hipster’ dressed people come and sit with us.

It seemed quite pleasant at the start and this fellow (with his quiet girlfriend) starting talking to us about charged political topics such as domestic violence, how awesome refugees are awesome and more so – that a certain religion tops women’s rights (which was really sad to hear in the year 2016).

I enjoy great spirited debates and even though most would have been very easily offended at his point of view (it was really misogynistic), I entered a health spirited discussion with him.

Women’s rights are very important to me for a range of personal and societal reasons – with me easily being defined as a ‘Male Feminist’ (it probably came from having a strong mother as a police woman and watching what she put up with from the system).

During the discussion, the person made very weak arguments and ultimately I shot him down on every angle / argument that he came up with. His girlfriend was not impressed with him at all and what made it even more amusing that as he lost, he just said “I sound like Tony Abbott”. Not long after that, he and his girlfriend stormed off and it not only amused my wife and I – it gave us great ideas for discussion and review.

Looking back on this interesting experience it came down to probably a very insecure man who wanted to prove a point, but he didn’t do his homework.

Almost every area he argued I had far more knowledge than he did which led to him not having a great time and probably embarrassing himself. What it reminded me was the importance of knowing your stuff. Regardless of whatever you consider important, you must be well researched, understand the topic inside out and be ready to have detailed / strong discussions on it.

I don’t advise on things I know very little about for good reason – in that I may say something wrong! If I advise on something / let alone debate it, I make sure I have strong knowledge on that issue.

You don’t want to be ‘that guy’ who has a loud voice / no idea – so in business, life or whatever this silly man reminded me as to why one must do their homework.

Research well, master your topic so you can have strong discussions with confidence and strength.

It will make you happier, more influential and of course help you sell more!



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  1. Hi Edward,

    Love this post! You have a strong point, my ‘Male Feminist’ friend. One certainly doesn’t want to be known as the guy or gay with ‘a loud voice’ with ‘no idea’.

    It is sound knowledge that and will put us in the position of confidence and strength. There is no short cut in life or business. Gaining more and more knowledge is a process. One cannot acquire great knowledge over night. Nor can one gain knowledge when the ego is in the way.

    Viola Tam

    • That is so true Viola and love your work. Yes, that fellow was very silly. Making stuff up, pretending to be an expert – having ‘surface knowledge’ at best. Got to know what one is doing.

      Thanks for your support Viola and love it. Keep up the fine work!

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