Visiting Anytime Fitness keeps me totally in the zone. Success is moving and it takes effort to keep up!

Visiting Anytime Fitness keeps me totally in the zone. Success is moving and it takes effort to keep up!

I remember when I started out in business and how naive I was. I had all these images in my mind (which many have actually come true in all fairness) ranging from the type of clients I get, the type I life I would lead and the virtues of being independent.

One big thing I got totally wrong was the idea of success. I had this image in my mind of myself reaching this ‘magical point’ where all of a sudden everything would be successful and awesome. Of course I have never reached this magical point (and I bet Bill Gates & Donald Trump are still searching for it) and have proven the old cliche of success being a journey and not a destination.

That is very true for me and in reflecting on these learnings it has been that in my business. Sure, I am very successful and highly regarded around town and what I have learned is the amount of effort it takes to remain successful.

At times in my business I have plateaued, not moved anywhere and in key areas I dropped the ball. Of course I have picked it up lately and am highly regarded as ‘being in the zone’ now.

The big lesson I learned and have practiced lately is the importance of ‘staying successful’. Anyone I think can go and pick up a few big clients and pretend they are awesome and I have seen many like this still come and go. For me it’s important that we survive the long-haul and the reality is totally true, it takes work to stay successful.

The includes doing a great job with your clients, staying ahead so your competitors don’t take you out, staying fit & healthy (who would listen to a fat Marketing Mentor?) and staying connected with the community.

For me, too many people focus on ‘success’ in the now and reach a point – then tragically bounce back. I have learned the direct opposite – we want to stay successful at all times. My advice and thinking? Never get complacent. Keep at it, smile and you shall enjoy it big time.

Thanks for the read, I love shares and stay awesome!



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  1. That was awesome Edward. So many people including my manager are just after big ego’s. He hogs clients, lies through his teeth, demotivates staff, lies to clients just to make a sale and lies to his staff just to big note himself. I have come across bad managers though i will say this. He does a good job in hitting kpi’s though stealing sales and putting them in his name is so low.

    The way to acheive wouldn’t be doing this and how to become slimy would be doing all the above. Everyone give it your total best and review your figures and forecast your personal development and achievements. Be persistent with reaching your goals with a can do attitude. Stay motivated with a positive attitude towards your goal setting and you shall achieve.

    • True that Scott and love your work. Sounds like you are too good that place. Thanks for the comment and share. Appreciate it.

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